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100 Days On Slim & Save

I have been overweight my whole life. Even as a child, and probably spent more time on diets than not. However, my weight kept increasing. In January 2021, after blood tests showing I had high cholesterol and being told I was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure, I committed to making a change. But even with my health as motivation, I still couldn’t seem to eat sensibly.

Then, at the start of February, I started Slim & Save and determined to commit for 100 days. I’m doing Simplicity, so just four packs a day, and it was such a relief not to have to think about what I could and couldn’t eat. It was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders, and the weight just started falling off.

  • Nicky O 100 Days On SNS
  • Nicky O 100 Days On SNS

I’ve had days where I’ve felt like cheating, not because I’m hungry but because the old cravings have come back. Still, with the support of the amazing Slim & Save community, I’ve only given in to them a couple of times and got straight back on plan the following day rather than giving up as per previous diets.

100 Days On S&S

Being on Slim & Save has allowed me to take a break from food so I can reset my thinking around food, and I know I’ll be able to re-introduce it in a sensible way when I reach my target. So my 100 days are up, and I’ve lost an incredible 50lbs, have healthy blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, and I’m no longer classed as pre-diabetic. I have loads more energy, run up flights of stairs that I used to be out of breath just walking up and feel much happier in myself. But there’s no way I’m stopping now. For the first time in my life, a healthy weight seems achievable rather than just a pipe dream, and I’m going to release the healthy, slim me that I’ve always known is inside me. Here’s to the next 100 days on S’n’S.

Nicky Osborne

Have you managed a 100 days on Slim & Save?

Post below and tell us your experiences or leave some feedback on Nicky's progress and you could be in with a chance of winning £10 in points! Our three favourite comments will be chosen on Friday 25th June at 4pm!

Comments on 100 Days On Slim & Save
Jackie Joyce 26/06/2021 11:04
Oh wow! Just started the diet yesterday and if ever there was a blog to spur me on it's this one! Your success shines out of your face in the 2nd photo. Hopefully I'll be able to turn my frown upside down soon!
Samantha Mullins 25/06/2021 10:58
You look fantastic and your face says it all. It’s very demoralising to face the fact I can’t trust myself around food - I can hoover an entire buffet and still be hungry - so this isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about regaining confidence and re-educating mind and body. Who would have thought just 100 days could be so transformative - well done and thank you for the inspiration ❤️
Amanda Simmons 25/06/2021 10:21
What I love about SnS are stories like Nicky's that totally inspire others and give us reasons to stick on plan. My last 3m have been very up and down, but seeing results in my health and the reaction of my Dr and my family have totally made it worthwhile. Our battle with food v ourselves is not easy, I've spent at least 10yrs saying to myself, eat it, you might die 2moro, without realising that eating it might make me die 2moro...there's too much at stake to overlook it and SnS made it possible. (Plus the support of my husband, who's also on plan!) We CAN and WILL do this! Thanks Nicky, for sharing
Carol yates 24/06/2021 22:16
It’s good to read every ones story’s I’ve just ordered my packs I’ve got 2 stone to loose so wish me luck I keep telling myself I’m not going on holiday so do I need to loose weight well the answer is yes I do my clothes are tight and I have pains in my knees last time I lost 2 1/2 stone felt fantastic here’s to my 100 days will let u know how I’m doing through my journey.
Taylea Gooding 24/06/2021 19:46
Nicky you have done so well!! I've completed 126 days on plan, plus refeed and maintaining for a month. I can totally relate to this blog. I've fought the old cravings and stayed 100% on plan, and it is so worth it. I can run up the stairs now too! Also instead of dodging the mirror, I now look twice because I'm happy with what I see. Love this diet!! Truly life changing!
Rachael iliffe 24/06/2021 13:40
Wow well done. Such an inspiration. 100 days is a real achievement
Dily Northey 24/06/2021 13:25
Sometimes it’s the things that catch you unawares that make the biggest impact. I feel like I’ve been trying to loose weight my whole life. Seeing this post and Nicky’s amazing achievement in just over 3 months has really focused my mind to dig deep and get this done. I start on the the 1st July, wish me luck!
Rachel 24/06/2021 13:18
Absolutely amazing!
Tony P 24/06/2021 08:25
I am currently on day 45 of Slim & Save and this has really helped me. Well done on your losses I am hoping to be able to get to where you are now! Almost half way there!
Fay Kerans 23/06/2021 07:14
Well done Nicky your transformation is so inspiring in such a short time. You have inspired me to commit to 100 days and see what I can achieve too

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