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The Three Amazing Holiday Winners!

It gives us great pleasure to announce the three winners of our Slim & Save Holiday Competition 2021. It was extremely difficult to choose the winners for this contest as everyone who entered deserved to win! All entrants have achieved such great results it's clear that everyone has dug deep to achieve the best possible weight loss in the time they were on plan.

All the winners were picked via a voting system involving every member of staff having three votes each. This included all the admin staff, packing department, warehouse, IT and management teams. We then collated all votes, and the three with the most votes won. We felt this was the fairest way to decide on the top three as there were just too many potential winners! You all have made it impossible to call it since everyone has done so exceptionally well, and everyone deserved to win!

With this in mind, we intend to run a similar competition next year judging by the success and the motivation this has given to all our members.

So, without saying more, our winners for the Slim & Save Holiday Competition 2021, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Luca
  • Samm
  • Taylea

We can't wait to see and share some fantastic holiday pics from the winners holidays!


Ever since I was a child, I’ve struggled with a health problem which needed an operation and the NHS has refused to help because of my weight. Hearing this put such a significant weight on my shoulders and made me depressed. As odd as it sounds, every year of age added a stone to my overall weight; eventually, It overtook my age, ending up at 22st when I was only 20! This was the final straw, and the very next day, I started Slim & Save, and what a difference it’s made to my life and is making to my life. I currently sit at 17.3 stone and I am set to continue with my weight loss goals. I’ll never look back, and this has changed my life forever, and hopefully, the NHS should help me now I’ve lost weight.


Luca With Winning Cheque


I don’t think it would be overstating to say that Slim & Save has changed my life right now!

I started it in January after trying it on and off for five years! I have found S&S posts on the group from me back to 2015! The difference in January is that I was suffering real panic and anxiety about COVID. When you have a child with a disability, one of the biggest fears you have is dying and what will happen to them. That fear is always with me anyway, but with COVID claiming so many lives and it being well reported that obese people were amongst the numbers of people dying due to their weight, I was terrified. That kickstarted my diet and gave me the real willpower and determination to do this and as the weight came down, so did my anxiety about COVID and death. It’s still there, but I don’t feel AS scared now.

Shifting the weight has had so many benefits that I could write about them all day! Although I am only partway through my journey and still have 2st left to lose, I have already ticked off so many things on my “weight loss bucket list” and hit so many weird and wonderful NSVs from taking 20cm off my belt to becoming lighter than my husband, being able to fit in the bath and even tightening the straps on my shoes by two holes!

The most significant impact, though, has been on my relationship with my children. I have always been a very hands-on Mum doing as many activities with the children as I could and when they were little, going in the soft play areas with them, crawling through tunnels, coming down slides, lots of swimming, trampolining etc. But as the weight crept on over the years, the amount I have been able to do with them has decreased and decreased – either through lack of energy or size limitations for going on rides, putting on harnesses and the fear of getting stuck in things. My confidence also fell, so whereas before I was happy to make a fool of myself, I started to fear the humiliation of people laughing at me and my size.

My daughter, who is now 13 wanted to go out running in her lockdown PE sessions in lockdown one, but I hated exercise due to getting out of breath, and my husband was working, so there was no one to go out around the lanes with her, so I felt I was really letting her down.

I felt like a spectator in my own life – instead of doing activities myself like I used to (and I used to be up for trying almost anything – high ropes, water assault courses, skating, tobogganing, climbing walls etc.) I was reduced to just watching my children doing things, and it really got me down.

Doing Slim & Save and losing the weight has turned all this around! I started my journey in January, at the start of lockdown 3. My children were at home, so in PE sessions, we went out around the lanes near our house. I would walk with one child, and the other two children would run, and we did this twice a week. I felt so good going out and doing that! As the weight came off, I started doing more active things, and we found the old WiiFit console out from our attic. The children loved playing the games, and I used the hula hooping, cycling and boxing settings for my daily exercise. A big moment came at Easter when we were at a local tourist attraction. At that point, I had lost about 3st, and the children wanted to go on the high ropes, so we queued up. I wasn’t going to go on, fearful that I still hadn’t lost enough weight to fit into a harness and unwilling to risk the embarrassment of trying. When we got to the front of the queue, the staff member asked how many were going on, and I said “Three” gesturing to the children. He asked me if I was going up too, and I replied “no” and joked about not getting into the harness.” Of course, you will”, he said confidently, and so I went for it, and he was right – the harness fitted easily, and up I went, on the high ropes WITH my children! What a moment that was! It was such fun, and the children were so thrilled that I was up there too!

Fast forward to May half term, and we went to the beach. Having lost 4st by then, I was actually wearing shorts, and so when the children went in the sea for a paddle, I paddled too!! Jumping the waves, splashing about, laughing WITH my children, not just watching them but sharing the fun too. It felt amazing (and quite emotional).

Now we are making all sorts of plans for the summer holidays – activities that I want to do too! We are hoping to go on the big Go Ape course near us, tackle a water assault course (last time I tried was a disaster – I couldn’t pull myself up onto the obstacle as I was so big, so I just bobbed about in the water watching the children, pretending I was happy doing that), a surfing simulator, a theme park so I can go on all the rides and the biggest thing of all – I’m going horse riding with my daughters! It will be the first time I’ve been on a horse in thirty years and the first time they’ve seen me ride. I’m now in the weight range for one of the horses at the stables where they ride, and I’m going to get back in the saddle!! I cannot wait!

The other major impact that the weight loss has had is on my confidence and feelings about myself. When I was so overweight, I hated my body, and so I had no wish to take care of it. I only did the bare minimum to get myself looking passable; I rarely wore makeup, never painted my nails or toenails, didn’t buy many clothes because I hated the shops I had to shop in. I had no interest in my hairstyle, skincare was soap and water, and I never bothered with moisturising after a shower (and I couldn’t even fit in the bath – that was a new NSV a while back!). I was too big to find a nice bra that was comfy, so I just wore huge sports bras, which didn’t give much support and weren’t at all flattering. As a result, my confidence in going out socially was low, and my confidence in applying for jobs was non-existent, so I stayed well within my comfort zone despite having the skills to do other things.

Again, what a difference six months on SnS has made! I have a new hairstyle, I’m enjoying buying new clothes (Primark and eBay mainly!), I’m wearing make up more, my toenails are always painted now, I’ve got a lovely underwire bra, and I’ve even got a skincare routine. Even more importantly, I’ve started applying for jobs that I am qualified for, and although I haven’t secured one yet, I have had two interviews which have really boosted my confidence. I’m really starting to like myself and my body again.

I’m only partway through my journey………….. there is so much more to come, and I am looking forward to so many adventures with my family now because my weight won’t hold me back anymore!


Samm With Winning Cheque


I love Slim & Save! This is the first diet where I've enjoyed being on a diet, and it's worked brilliantly. The choice of packs and the variety of flavours is amazing!

I've completed 18 weeks on plan, plus refeed and maintained for over a month. I've managed to lose 4st 8lbs and gone from obese to overweight and now an actual healthy BMI. II's something I never thought possible.

My main motivation was my baby girl; I had to get healthy for her. To be able to run about, and sit on the swing at the park, and live a happy life.

I'm so proud of myself and so grateful to Slim & Save.


Taylea With Winning Cheque

Congratulations to all who took part, and we wish you the best of luck going forward with your continued weight loss and maintenance.

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