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Sarah Taylor 8st S&S Weight Loss Journey!

In 2019, I’d reached the heaviest weight I’d ever been – weighing in at over 19 stone and wearing size 20 clothes - I’d also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was struggling with constant pain and chronic fatigue. I knew I had to get my weight under control; I wanted to be healthy for my family and worried about the potential risk of heart problems – as my Dad died of a heart attack at 50. I was also concerned that I’d continue down the self-destructive path I was on and put more and more weight on, so I started to do some research into potential diets.

Sarah Taylor 8st JourneyI had always been a serial dieter and had tried every diet ever invented, I’d lose weight and have some success, but then I’d still put it back on again and always end up heavier than when I started. I knew I wanted to try something different and my GP mentioned trying a VLCD.

After trawling the internet, I came across Slim & Save and was impressed by the success stories and the very competitive price point! I took the plunge and ordered four weeks worth of products and decided to follow the simplicity plan on the 17th June 2019 (the day after my 13th wedding anniversary.)

The first five days, before ketosis hit, were tricky as I was hit with really awful migraines and actually thought I was dying! I was determined to persevere through and didn’t want to fail at the first hurdle. The S&S Facebook page was a godsend, and my husband and my two teenage boys were so supportive! Once I was in ketosis, everything was so much easier – I was not hungry and had loads of energy; the only downside was that I was freezing all the time.

I started keeping a journal; in there, I wrote down all my goals and milestones and kept track of my progress weekly. I also included positive quotes and strategies that other SnS members had shared.

I had a fantastic 1st week – losing 13lb! The weight kept dropping off, and I lost an average of 1 stone per month. I then started to drop dress sizes, and this was such a big motivation for me! It was about four months before people began to notice I’d lost weight, and the compliments started rolling in! I managed to navigate social events and Christmas staying on plan, finding a new hobby to distract myself helped – I started knitting to keep my hands busy!! I also discovered a love of sparkling water!!!

Everything was going so well until COVID hit in March 2020; I’d lost seven stone and was only one stone away from my target. I started working from home and found it really hard being around food and being in the house, so I began to slip up, and old bad habits started creeping in. I would begin to make excuses that justified my behaviour by telling myself, ‘we’re in unprecedented times…you deserve a treat’…..those treats also involved danger foods like sweets, chocolate & crisps.

I stopped using all the techniques that had kept me on track and lost my way – I’d forgotten the reason why I’d started SnS in the first place and fell into my usual self-destructive habits.

Sarah Taylor 8st JourneyI started a new job at work; it was a promotion and my absolute dream job – I was on cloud nine; however, my imposter syndrome - basically feeling inadequate - kicked in. I spiralled and used food as my emotional crutch. In September 2020, I received an email about some free coaching on imposter syndrome, and I signed up! This coaching programme transformed my outlook, and I started to feel good about myself again. I restarted S&S and weighed in 2st heavier. I was upset with myself but decided to draw a line under it my weight and look to the future. I also started a mindset coaching course – as I wanted to understand to uncover my own beliefs, blockers, behaviours, habits and patterns of thinking that prevented me from living the life I desired. This inner work was revolutionary to me, and I finally understood the root cause of my issues and had proven techniques and strategies to overcome my demons. I embraced being back on my S&S journey, and the weight started to drop off again.

By Christmas 2020, I was back down to my lowest weight and was ½ stone away from my eight stone weight loss. I decided to have a break over the Christmas period and to enjoy the festivities with my family. I thoroughly enjoyed my break and understood there would be consequences – I did have another significant weight gain – but I had a different mindset and knew exactly what I wanted to achieve in 2021 – I wanted to become an NLP practitioner; coach people struggling with their mindset and get to my target weight – I decided to lower my target and push for nine stone weight loss!

Life can be challenging, and following S&S isn’t always easy, but my top tips are:

  • Take photos along the way to track your progress.
  • Set yourself milestones and gorals, include NSV
  • Reward yourself when you achieve your milestones
  • Keep a journal and progress, including motivational thoughts and positive affirmations.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – we are all different.
  • Stay focused on your reason for starting – focus on the way!!
  • Remember, every single lb lost mounts up. Celebrate your wins, however small.
  • Use the S&S facebook group – share your story, help others and let others help you.

As I write this, I’ve only got one stone to go to my revised target – I’ve now lost eight stone, and I’m at my lightest ever weight and wearing size ten clothes – life is very good, and I have S&S to thank for this – this diet has always had my back!

By Sarah Taylor - Future S&S Success Story!

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Comments on Sarah Taylor 8st S&S Weight Loss Journey!
Rebecca Stevenson 17/03/2021 15:47
Firstly, thank you for sharing- this is really motivating! My top tips-

1. Water and 15min- I find some days I am really hungry, I take a large glass of cold water and tell myself to wait 15min if I'm still hungry I can have some of my 200g of veg- 9 times of out 10 after 15min I'm not longer hungry.
2. Keep a bar in your handbag/car/locker- don't be caught out without S&S friendly snack. You may not need it but it's good to have it.
3. Mix it up- porridge waffles, pancake in a mug, quorn nuggets- S&S is really flexible within its perimeters. Get creative and you won't be bored.
4. Try new vegetables- Butternut squash chips, green beans stemmed, turnip chips, a nice refreshing salad; there are so many things that can be done.
5. Be brave- order clothes in a smaller size, donate clothes that are too big: embrace the new (smaller you)
6. Learn to take a compliment!
7. Don't beat yourself up if you slip up- get back on track and move on.
Lianne OC 16/03/2021 23:24
Brilliant results. This is an amazing blog and helps people know they can do it, even if things go slightly off track now and again.

My top tips are-
1- believe you can do it.
2- celebrate each day. Tell yourself you did well.
3- pre-plan your food so you know what you are eating and when.
4 - fill your freezer with home made (on plan) sauces so meals are quick and easy.
5- don’t compare yourself to anyone else! You are on your own journey and that is all that’s important.
Claire Yvonne 16/03/2021 23:09
Just remember to:

S tay focused and positive: you’ve got this!
L ive in the moment (take it day by day)
I mmerse yourself
M easure (water intake, your packs, your results!)

A ccept oops moments and move on
N on-scale victories matter (loose clothes/less bloat!)
D emonstrate your commitment (show the world!)

S ocialise and support yourself & the SnS fb group
A ccept your journey and be kind to yourself
V alue your body & make it the healthiest it can be
E njoy your packs and new lifestyle!
sarah carson 16/03/2021 16:39
My top tips are:
1) DONT beat yourself up if you slip, often bumps in the road on a weight loss journey
2) Be KIND to yourself, life gets in the way, but we get to our goals in the end
3) Stay FOCUSED, give yourself a telling off if you make excuses!
4) Get in a good mindset, that helps with the bumps that can occur
5) Space your meals out and ensure variety so you don't get bored.
6) Drink the allowed fluids and watch the weight drop off
7) Measure not only the scales but with the tape measure to spur you on
Above all enjoy and know you are having a new you once you hit target!
Kayleigh Hannan 16/03/2021 15:12
Fantastic well done, very inspirational! I hope you enjoy being a happier and healthy person - you’ve done the hard work and now you can enjoy the benefits
Suzanne ferns 15/03/2021 16:07
The first thing I see looking at both these pictures is your smile and happiness . The weight loss is amazing but the happiness of you succeeding is shining through . Well done you .....
Jo hollingsworth 13/03/2021 07:56
Wow wow wow Sarah, this is truly an amazing story and you are a truly amazing woman , even though you have struggled you have continued to achieve what YOU want YOU will be fabulous at helping others ,
Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story , i and other know exactly what it is like to struggle with weight problems xx
Jemma lockyer 12/03/2021 14:47
You my darling are Wonder Woman. You make me so determined to do this !!
Rosie Togneri 12/03/2021 08:17
Wow Sarah, thank you for sharing. Really inspirational. I’ve realised I need to do some courses re mindset!
1) don’t weigh frequently (seems to be my downfall)
2) drink plenty of water. I have a big jug and I aim to drive 2 or more of those throughout the day
3) space out your packs and set alarms so you know when you can have your next one, you’re not waiting for it and it reminds you to eat it at a set time
Sarah Ridley 12/03/2021 06:54
I find using the meal planner a godsend as can have the little extras you didnt know fit into the plan.Well done very inspirational,l can relate myself to your story and can be my own worst enemy .

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