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The benefits of a TFR weight-loss plan

If you are already familiar with Slim & Save you will know that one of the reasons it is so successful is that it is a total food replacement (TFR) plan. TFR plans are when 'conventional' food is replaced. For example, for a limited period you will not need to eat conventional ‘meals’ like meat and two veg, pasta or jacket potatoes but instead you can choose from a range of Slim & Save meals, soups, shakes and bars.

If you ask any of the Slim & Save success stories why Slim & Save worked for them, most would say because it is so easy and so versatile. On Simplicity and Simplicity+, conventional food (with the exception of salads and vegetables) is removed for a limited period and Slim & Save soups, shakes, bars and meals provide all the nutrition needed to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively.

If you are on Simplicity or Simplicity+, or you are thinking about starting Slim & Save, you will find this article a fascinating read because it explains how and why TFRs work.

At Slim & Save our 'mantra' is that we are one of the leading total food replacement companies in the UK. We believe the reason for our success is our dedicated support team, fantastic tasting range of TFR shakes, meals, soups and bars, and of course our sensible pricing.

We are weight-loss experts and we do appreciate that you have a choice when you are considering a weight-loss plan. Here are some of our expert opinions on the benefits of a TFR weight-loss plan….

Why Slim & Save is Better than 'Calorie Counting'

Last year Amanda Gains lost 80lb (36kg) with Slim & Save and went from a size 24 to a 16.

Amanda Gains

Amanda realised that Slim & Save would be the ideal solution for her because it meant she would not have to worry about calorie counting. She could put conventional food to the back of her mind and concentrate 100% on losing weight.

She found the TFR plan extremely easy and suited to her lifestyle. She noted “I couldn't believe I had got so big and nobody had told me just how big I really was. I think I made the decision then that I needed to do something about it. I ordered my first pack of Slim & Save at the end of August 2012 and haven't really looked back.”

Read more Slim & Save success stories here.

Slim & Save lets you Concentrate 100% on Weight-Loss and not 100% on Food

Sometimes people use food to provide emotional support. (See our feature 'Emotional Freedom from Food'). If food is your coping mechanism it can be relatively easy to become ‘addicted’ to overeating. If you think that you could be in danger of becoming a food addict and you need to lose weight, then Slim & Save is definitely worth considering. With our TFR plans you can have a complete break from your old eating patterns and habits. You will be able to start with a clean slate and develop new healthy habits, so by the time you come to eat ‘conventional’ food again you will be able to approach it fearlessly and sensibly.

Are you a 'Chocoholic'?

Many people feel addicted to certain types of foods or indeed certain patterns of behaviour. Some people say that they are overweight because they are a 'chocoholic' or that they cannot pass a chip shop without going in, etc. Whatever their personal experience is, they are pretty accurate because overeating is a form of addiction.

Slim & Save has developed the TFR plan to remove the source of addiction (and temptation) completely (i.e. food). Think of an alcoholic who is desperate to kick their habit. How easy would it be if you gave him or her a bottle of vodka on Monday and said 'please limit yourself to one glass a day and I will see you again on Friday?' I'll bet by Tuesday morning the bottle would be empty! Therefore, to eliminate conventional food is much easier than to have SOME conventional food. (Have you ever opened a box of chocolates and had the willpower to eat only one?)

TFR Means that you will Never be too Busy to Slim!

Have you ever felt that you want to lose weight but simply don't have the 'time'? Time to go to slimming club, time to go to the gym, time to buy special ingredients, time to cook special meals, time to calorie count? You understand what we are saying?

Slim & Save has taken all the hard work out of slimming and all you have to spend time on is choosing what you want to eat. We do the rest.

Our range of shakes, soups, bars and meals is completely nutritionally balanced and all can be ready to enjoy in a matter of seconds. There are no pots and pans to wash up and you can even use that extra time to devote to a little 'you time'.

So go on, what are you waiting for?

Comments on The benefits of a TFR weight-loss plan
Gill Pitcher 04/07/2014 16:59
Hi I am now on day six and I'm feeling pretty pleased with my self I went to an open day and strawberries and cream and/ or fruit scone double cream and jam were all around me I had a black tea how great do I feel that I declined. I have 6 stone to shift and I'm really looking forward to my first weigh in on Sunday will keep you posted first week nearly done!!!!
Sv1711 22/06/2014 19:38
Currently on day 6 and loving it. The food is so tasty compared to the usual junk I eat and fell a million times better with more energy
Mags Pearn 15/06/2014 17:54
I am on day six of the s&s diet yes the first few days have been a bit difficult, but I am getting there. I have even managed to cook 2 dozen cupcakes today and not been tempted to even try one.
I also find the majority of the food is very tasty, so will keep going and let's see what the scales say on Tuesday!!!
Carrie-Anne 13/06/2014 10:45
Food food food - it can be addictive to some, and to me it was! I've spent most of my life battling food demons, that was until I can across Slim n Save.

I would say it has literally saved my life, going from having high blood pressure (which runs in my family - my father died recently through this and it's complications). So I was determined to bring my weight down to reduce my risk factor, Well doing Slim n Save (my life ) has done just that, after losing 4stone my blood pressure is normal (no medication for me!)

I have a healthy BMI, & I feel sexy. The support is second to none, from the live chat online/ringing the office for nutritional advice etc, to 24 hours a day 365 days a year someone to chat to on the Facebook page, like minded people who know what your going through, always willing to help, and just have a natter ( we're like a big family ).
Moreover once at goal that's not it, there's the refeed program and maintenance advice that's on the forum.

I love SnS.
Sandie 13/06/2014 09:55
A diet that really works with so many options you won't feel deprived, As unbelievable as it seems you won't be hungry. I have a serious sweet tooth but with cookies and cream shakes and chocolate wafer bars as just 2 of the yummy choices I have can not only take the edge off but completely satisfy the dreading longing for something nice. With support available from the professionals and the wonderful group members, there is a constant font of knowledge and the occasional kick up the arse if needed. You only regret the things you don't try so get started.
Rashi sobti 12/06/2014 15:14
The sooner you get out of your comfort zone, the sooner you will realise that it wasn't that comfortable. This one line expresses my life and my whole journey of losing weight. We all want to be comfortable but we also wish for very comfortable ways to be so. SnS comforts its clients.

I have been in a thousand ways to lose weight in the past, but the discomfort factor from day one to follow any plan would bring my moral down instantly. We all want to see very fast results and trust me this particular vlcd plan by far is the only plan which will give you that change from day one.
So if you have stuck to this diet diligently till day three! I promise you are sure to be fat free!! I love SnS .
Beth O'Connor 12/06/2014 14:54
Yet another amazing article from S&S! This diet will change your life and attitude towards food for good. The impeccable service , understanding and care the S&S team provide is above and beyond and along with a attitude to change you will definitely fulfill your goals and has been a massive confidence boost for me while beginning my new journey in life. DON'T ever change Slim&Save. You ROCK! :)
Louise mark 12/06/2014 07:34
I used slim and save after finding another alternative products very hard to stick to since there wasn't much variety and it really affected my social life!
Slim and save makes it easy to do a vlcd. You eat normal food, an drink normal things and don't feel like your restricted on what you can eat!
I love he normality this diet brings with the unbelievable results. My mum has now started the diet after me raving about it. All you have to do is have the commitment and drive and the rest is easy :)
Clair brown 11/06/2014 22:36
My Sister started Slim and Save because she was doing another diet and it was too costly, so she moved to slim and save because it was affordable. She was so pleased with the products that she let me try a couple and they were so yummy! I thought cheaper diet, so the products wouldnt be as good so I was shocked to find they were BETTER! For me it was no question, save money and get better products! I started Slim and Save but I was starting to get fed up of living on bars and shakes, so discovering they had meals too was great.

The yummy products, the variety (which has grown more since I started as they are always developing new products) and the cheaper price were all amazing. It made it so easy to follow and I no longer had any want to give up like I did on the other plan with a different company.

Other benefits have included more energy, clearer skin, nicer hair and most of all is losing weight and being a healthier person!
megan davies 11/06/2014 21:44
Where do I start. Since the age of 15 when i stopped professional ballet I piled on the pounds. Now here I am on the most tastiest diet getting advice from the most amazing trained diet professionals and also all of the other fab ladies on the diet we all help and support each other. Not only am I starting to get a new body I am also making some life long friends along the way. People who actually understand you and keep you motivated is the best feeling in the world. Every single pack and bar iv had has been lovely. Iv also suffered with depression these past few years and not only have i now come off my anti depressants due to the help of this ketosis diet but I have the old me back. This diet is helping me more than any doctor can and iv never felt so alive. If I could give anyone advice it's to bite the bullet and get on this amazing diet. I always thought slimming would feel miserable but iv never felt better. I love the slim and save consultants they are so lovely!

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