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Benefits of Yoga along side your weight loss plan!

Now that you have embarked on your weight loss journey you maybe thinking of introducing some light exercise into your week. Yoga is great for not only the body but also the mind, focusing on strength, flexibility and boosting physical and mental well-being. The practice originated from ancient India thousands of years ago and is practiced in many Gyms and leisure centres across the country.

Adding Yoga to your weight loss journeyThere is lots to learn about yoga where should I start?

There is something for everybody, whether you are old, young, flexible or stiff; even energetic or lazy. Do not be put off if you attended a class and you didn’t like the teacher try another class or you can also do it from the comfort or your own lounge.

If this is your first time trying yoga, look on Youtube for some beginner poses and workouts. See which style best suits you, whether you prefer a more dynamic workout or more meditative. If it doesn’t feel right start something new.

How often should I practice yoga?

It can be as little as 10 minutes a day or up to 1 hour per week. Practice yoga when you feel in the right frame of mind, for some this maybe on a morning for others it maybe later in the day.

Do I need any specialist equipment?

You do not need any specialist equipment, make sure you are in comfy clothes and you have a towel handy. Once you get to grips with yoga you may feel like you want to invest a little more and possibly treat yourself to a mat and or perhaps some yoga pants.

What are the benefits of doing yoga?

There are many benefits to doing yoga. It helps in toning your muscles, builds strength and you may become more flexible. Yoga is a great meditation exercise that can reduce stress, keeping the mind healthy too.

What if I cannot do all the moves?

The beauty about yoga is it does not matter if you cannot do all the moves as yoga poses can be modified depending on the individual, but in time you may find that as your strength and well-being improves and you will be able to do poses that you could not do at the very beginning.

Our top 5 Yoga tips for beginners

  • Only do what feels good, never over-stretch whereby you feel pain.
  • If you join a class don’t worry about what you look like, - trust us, no one is looking at you they are too busy concentrating on themselves.
  • Connect your breathing to your movements breathing in through your nose and exhaling as you move into another pose.
  • No need for fancy equipment simply comfy clothes and a towel to start with is absolutely fine.
  • Be consistent set a time aside to practice yoga and stick to it.

Jennifer GoodallI hope you enjoy my short article and find it useful, be sure to comment below and share with our members your exercise tips and secrets!

By Jennifer Goodall, Customer Care Advisor

Comments on Benefits of Yoga along side your weight loss plan!
Richard Crees 09/12/2018 14:26
I'm a forty-seven year old bloke who six months ago got really fed up with pulling his groin every time he tried to do anything physical. I visited a physio and as well has recommending some exercises to do at home she said I ought to practice yoga.

My wife has been going to a sessions for a year or so and she invited me to join her but I scoffed, thinking it was a bunch of old ladies sitting around and humming a lot. In the end however, I said I'd give it one quick go and attended a session with my wife and her friend.

Four months later I go to sessions twice a week and do my own yoga at home to push myself further.

I'm actually now wanting to lose weight to support my yoga rather than doing yoga to support weight loss.

For those of you, who like me, have the notion that yoga is unenergetic mumbo-jumbo let me just say:
yoga is as physically demanding as you want it to be, and as mentally relaxing as you let it become.

I know I'm building strength and muscle underneath the four stones of excess flab I'm currently carrying and I know that by the time I shed that weight the yoga will have helped me define the muscle that is hiding underneath.

My physiotherapist told me that yoga is not competitive and that I should only do what I feel I can comfortably do. I personally am a little competitive but more in the way that if I see someone else do something I'll attempt it but that's just how I am. At my classes there are a wide range of people of all ages and builds. It actually took me a while to get my head around the fact that many of the younger, leaner folk there are amongst the least supple and strong.

No one looks at anyone else (at least it doesn't seem that way and I don't) in judgement, we are all different and we are all getting fitter and whiling away our stress while doing so. For me, I feel quite invigorated after a session and certainly feel a lot less old and decrepit than I did before I went in.

Losing weight for me isn't about how I look at yoga, although who doesn't want a six pack and tight buns! It's more that I know I could get into more interesting poses and deeper stretches if there was a little less body getting in the way.

I've gone from not wanting to give yoga a thought to having yoga drive my lifestyle and provide me with goals that I think will lead to a healthier me without really trying.

I'm hoping to do the splits by the time summer comes - just don't anyone tell that to my groin!
Tina Crittenden 02/06/2017 22:37
Is it possible to run on the plan? I enjoy running for my mind as well as my body and I don't really want to stop.

Tina, we recommend light to moderate exercise when on plan, here is a guide on what is suitable
Christopher Kay 29/05/2017 22:18
I'm into week 3 of my SnS journey and feel comfortable that I'm following the plan to the letter, and I'm feeling better and finding it easier with every passing day, but yoga is the last thing I would have considered for introducing some light exercise and thanks to this blog and watching a few videos on YouTube, I think you could definitely be onto something!

Thanks for the blog and introducing the idea of trying some yoga - not something I'd ever have thought about.
Trish Cameron 29/05/2017 11:29
Great article Jennifer.
I think a little bit of exercise makes you feel good inside.
I have never tried Yoga before but willing to give anything a go.
At the moment I simply take the dogs to the park, or do a bit of swimming when I can.
I'll certainly look into taking part in extra activities like this.
Elizabeth Warlow 29/05/2017 11:24
My morning routine has always consisted of some yoga stretches first thing - it helps to wake me up even more than a coffee!!

It's possible to learn yoga using YouTube videos but personally I would always recommend a class - I know it's intimidating going into a class the first time, I was expecting a room full of slim, flexible beauties but there has always been a fabulous range of sizes and experience at any class I've attended. A class will ensure you are doing all the movements correctly, and it's such a confidence booster and gets all the happy hormones flowing!
Claire Mcdonald 29/05/2017 10:44
I hate exercising, always have done, I can't seem to find a class that suited me... My friend recommended that I try Yoga. My first class I attended, I felt silly, like everyone was looking at me, but I just gave it ago. Some of the moves that we did in the class I never imagined my body doing. But a few classes in, i absolutely love it!
My top tips would be:
1. Nobody is watching you - Everyone is a new-be at one point so they all know how you feel.
2. Be confident in your self- Chat to others in the group, before judging them, you'll find you then become friends.
3. Light breathable clothes are best to wear so your comfortable - no need in expensive gear!
4. Listen to your body, don't over do it.
5. Stick at it - You will feel better in your self.
Melissa Harper 29/05/2017 10:39
Thank you for reminding me of something I use to enjoy. I will make a concerted effort to do some medative yoga each day
I use to be so flexible lean and balanced. I'm determined to get there again thanks slim and save you seem to be one step ahead guiding me xxx

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