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Dieting in light of Coronavirus

#Coronavirus – the most commonly talked about subject in our daily conversations and in the media. It’s affected all of our lives in different ways – whether you’re a keyworker and continuing to faithfully serve the community, self-isolating due to illness or being vulnerable, or working from home while homeschooling your kids.

We are all trying to do our best not to catch the virus or to pass it on to our friends, family and neighbours. But what role does your food intake play in this? You may, like several of our customers, have been asking yourself if you should continue on your Slim & Save programme during this time. This article aims to provide you with some science into how viruses and immunity work and provide you with the reassurance you need, along with some tips to help during the lockdown.

If I continue on Slim & Save, will it increase my chances of catching the Coronavirus or hinder my recovery?

To answer this question, it’s important to understand a little about the science of viruses. We’ll use the example of the common cold (a rhinovirus). When the cold virus enters our body, it travels to the lining of the nose and binds to the outside of the nose’s cells. Once attached to these cells, the virus injects its genetic instructions into your cells starting off a process of replication, where new viruses are created and released to go and attack other cells. Because you are exposed to the cold virus several times a year, you have built up some degree of immunity - your body’s ‘antibodies’ quickly recognise the presence of the virus (because it has ‘seen’ this virus before) and your body starts ‘attacking’ the virus. Your immune system quickly kicks into action, and you get better quickly.

However, COVID-19 (a Coronavirus) is a brand new form of virus. This means it is the first time your body will have ‘seen’ the virus. You have no ‘pre-existing’ defences (or antibodies), so your body doesn’t immediately recognise it as a dangerous intruder. A good analogy is to think about your body like an old medieval walled town. Coronavirus is an attacker in disguise, so the guards keep the gates open because they don’t see anything as suspicious and do not immediately recognise the danger.

With this in mind, whilst immunity is a great thing when it comes to fighting viruses we are exposed to regularly, like the common cold and seasonal flu, even the best natural immunity is not going to help you if Coronavirus enters your body.

This means that there should be NO CONCERNS about you continuing with your Slim & Save plan during this unsettling time. Following your plan will not reduce your immunity or increase your chance of catching it. Also, don’t forget that your Slim & Save programme provides you with all the vitamins and minerals your body requires to continue working well and fight off usual infections.

In fact, staying on plan could potentially have other benefits you may not have considered…

What are the benefits of staying on plan during this time?

Losing weight may actually increase your natural immunity – whilst this won’t impact your risk of catching the Coronavirus (as we’ve already discussed), continuing to lose weight may reduce your chances of catching other illnesses in the future, like those caused by the common cold.

Coming off-plan and going back to ‘normal eating’ during this current lockdown is likely to increase your calorie intake substantially and cause you to gain weight quickly. Most of us tend to find we gain weight during the holidays or when we are home for prolonged periods of time. During the lockdown, you may find there are more snacks around than usual (after all the kids are always asking for snacks!) or that every day is a weekend and find yourself having a few glasses of wine on a weekday. Or, you may find that you start comfort eating due to being anxious about the current state of affairs – not to mention the government’s restrictions on getting out and about and keeping up your step count. Staying on plan essentially forces you to stick to your routine and keep losing weight.

Tips for beating the lockdown

Stick to your usual routine/schedule – it’s really important to stay in as similar a routine as possible during this time - try to get up and go to bed at similar times, and eat your meals/products at a similar time. Keep up your exercise routine – while the current lockdown restraints may mean we can only go out for exercise once a day, and you may be doing a lot less ‘moving around’ whilst you’re staying at home. Keep motivated and connected – make use of technology to keep in touch with friends and family and help keep you motivated and supported. Make use of Slim & Save’s Facebook page and support avenues to help keep you on track.

A final word

We hear it every-day and may take it for granted, but, as a nation, we will beat the Coronavirus. It will pass, and life will get back to normal. You will be grateful you stayed on plan!

Written by Annemarie Aburrow RD BSc (Hons) PGDip, Slim & Save Dietitian.

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Comments on Dieting in light of Coronavirus
Susan 23/06/2020 15:58
This is the best blog about losing weight, I read it practically every day. I am also happy that I was able to find a magnificent keto diet plan which not only allowed me to lose weight, but also to maintain a great figure, I hope it will help others!
Noreen Mukhtar 13/04/2020 18:21
To be honest deep down I knew it would be good for me to continue to stay on the slim and save diet. This article has reinforced my feelings and has motivated me to continue following the plan.

I have been using the slim and save Facebook page to help me stay on the plan and avoid my urges to give in to naughty treats! The support and advice has been tremendous and literally prevented lots of mishaps in my diet. I also continue to follow a routine and space out my slim and save meals so that I don't feel so peckish. I use the meal plan to see if I can have extras so I use up the calories I have.

I know this diet will enable me to not only lose weight but also be healthy.
Nicola Horsley 13/04/2020 06:41
A big positive for COVID-19 (betcha didn't think there were any!) ~ my husband has not been able to work in his self employed role and so set about being as useful as possible...found an old external hard drive and there were my pictures from the first time I discovered Slim & Save, I'd done before and after pictures just 4 months apart, and I sat and cried...since then I've not taken care of me at all and are right back where I started but older, so my weight now really hurts!

The positive is that it got me to take a long hard look, and how I want to be recovering when I get this darn thing. I figured we might be at home for 4 months and I already have the evidence of what that time frame can mean for my weight loss. How wonderful it will be to not to be recognised for being thinner...and 4 months will take me to my brother's replanned wedding day (it should have been May) and I'd really like to not look like I do now!

Your article has reassured me, I have a little knowledge of viruses and had thought I would be much better served having better nutrition going in. Thank you. So I find myself at day one, with a positive plan of video workouts (gentle dancing) and my daily walk which will increase in distance as my fitness improves...with half the money coming in we did have so cutting down my food spend and having packs will help our budget too (after that initial layout, but I'd been saving for toilet rolls...;) ) and hope to tell my tale in 4 months with some spectacular pictures from the wedding.

Stay strong and focused everyone, we're in this together x
Laura Gabriel 13/04/2020 00:40
I've been using S&S on and off for the past 6 years (I took a 2 year break when I became intolerant to first tomatoes then dairy, after a severe illness ravaged my system, but strict avoidance has meant I can reintroduce dairy now!) And for me it's far far more than a weight management plan. It really is a lifestyle resource!

I'm autistic, and I find it really challenging to vary what I eat. I like having clear cut patterns I can follow, but that's really hard with conventional eating to meet my nutritional requirements, and I end up getting iron-deficient anaemia or salt deficient etc. Slim & Save means I can guarantee myself at least one or two meals a day that completely meet my nutritional requirements, and in a time of food scarcity and sanctions against shopping too often, this is probably a literal lifesaver! I'm confident that sticking to the plan will increase my ability to deal with any other illnesses!

I can't work very much, due to the aforementioned illness, so it's also fantastic to have meal plans that are really easy to budget around, with predictable clear-cut pricing - again, perfect for lockdown planning, as opposed to having to make do with what's available at the supermarket and not being able to plan.

Over the years I've seen many changes, and I have to say that for me, the real game-changers have been pancake mix (unbelievably good with the Walden's Farm syrup you introduced me to!) and the Sweet & Sour Noodles, which are a perfect tomato-free replacement for the Spicy Noodles, which had been a favourite before!

Thank you so much for keeping me safe and healthy all those years, but especially now when it really counts. I appreciate it more than I can really say.
Carol James 12/04/2020 19:04
I have lost 6 stone with the use of Slim n Save during the past 2 years. I had to lose it for a surgical procedure. I had breast cancer 5 years ago which ended in a mastectomy and due to being very overweight I couldn't go ahead with my reconstruction surgery. I have lost the necessary weight now and referred back to my surgeon, my appointment for consultation should have been last Thursday 9th April and so my surgery will be delayed yet again because of the Coronavirus. It's left me feeling dejected and frustrated, damn this virus! But I won't be beaten, I will wait yet again, and I will get my surgery to be my whole self again. I am keeping myself busy in the garden, digging and landscaping as best I can. Keeps me moving and away from the food cupboards, keeps me exercised and fit, and also gets me a good healthy tan to be beach ready after my operation is complete. I refuse to be beaten by a bug!!!
Jade Charles 12/04/2020 16:47
Thank you for this wonderful article. I have placed my order, and will be getting back on plan as soon as it arrives. I work for the NHS, and in such stressful times I have found myself delving back into my old ways, of comfort eating. I have decided to throw myself back in to slim & save, taking the time to focus on myself and become who I was last time I was on plan. I felt and looked great. Again, thank you for the information, and can't wait to be getting all my daily vitamins, eating healthily and drinking water. It's the drive I need to get myself through these stressful and dark times, and give me all the energy I need to provide the crutial care for those in need xx
Emma 11/04/2020 12:43
I have done alim and save in the past around 2 years ago and lost 6 stone, this is by far my favourite diet in the world. After living abroad and taking in the delights of white wine and bread on a daily basis I came back to England 2 stone heavier and 3 days later England went into lockdown, I found myself eating to cure my boredom, cooking for something to do, watching a film with snacks surrounding me, after 2 days enough was enough and i started on plan doing simplicity, my thought trail was, I cant go to nandos, mcdonalds, kfc so I am in a great place to just get my head down and sip my shakes with no distractions.

I follow the simplicity plan with my veg allowance and when I feel like a treat, I have a lifestyle day at the moment it's about 1 a week, it feels like a date night as me and my partner get so excited about it and the best of all we are still on plan!

The lockdown is playing with our minds but in a great way for our health and weight loss.

We have been on the diet now for 3 weeks I have lost 12 pounds and my partner has lost just over 1 stone its unbelievable results and although we are all struggling with the lockdown now is the time to really boost your losses with no food distractions and visits to the local pub.

All the water I have been drinking has significantly helped my skin which I am also really pleased about.

Thankyou again slim and save and I hope everyone is staying safe! We will all get through this with healthy bodies and brains and with so much willpower we will be able to conquer anything we put our minds too.

Good luck everyone!
Judith Platts 11/04/2020 10:23
I am a truck driver and therefore a key worker. Up until now I have been comfort eating to the max, but I have decided, from Tuesday, I am going back onto the plan Full time, as it means I don’t have to go into service stations etc for food, I can be totally self-sufficient which is not only safer but I will start losing weight again!
I turned 50 next March, and would love to lose four stone before my birthday,So Tuesday will be day one of the big push!
Sarah McCreanney 10/04/2020 21:51
Great article and I totally agree with the points made.
I originally started my SnS journey in 2014 and managed to stick with it for 6 weeks before letting myself get derailed.
Since then lots of ‘life’ stuff has occurred and all my attempts to get back on plan have failed miserably.
However, I am finally in a much better environment to get to grips with tackling my obesity and the lockdown has made the task so much easier.
I restarted my long-delayed journey on 1st April and so far so good.
I’m not going to the shops so nothing naughty mysteriously falls into my trolley!
I’ve kicked the biscuit addiction into touch and even the usual craving for toast isn’t plaguing me.
I really feel I’m going to stay the distance this time and the virus measures are greatly assisting me. Thanks SnS
Emma S 10/04/2020 21:33
I have successfully used SNS before, but things went a bit wayward when having a baby and then when the stress of the virus situation took hold, worrying about jobs and money, I just couldn't stop eating. Feeling like I'm going to burst, I've found the motivation to start SNS after checking my blood sugar and it was slightly high. I don't want to be obese and prediabetic if I do catch this virus. I want to be as healthy as I can to give myself the best chance to stay safe and being around for my children.

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