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Don`t let the Weekend become your weak-end!

We have a couple of long weekends ahead of us Yippee! For most of us, it`s pretty easy to stick to plan with our routines throughout the week but for some reason, the weekends seem much harder to keep on track as we relax and unwind and sometimes this throws our schedule right out the window.

Easter and the May Bank Holidays are very close together this year, and if you are worried about how you are going to cope, here are some top tips to help keep you on track and not overindulge so that you stay on plan, whether you are at home or away.Preparation as always is the key to navigate a successful weekend, whether it is a regular weekend or a long Bank Holiday.

  • Woman Getting WeighedMake sure you have enough packs and order a few days before the holidays, as our couriers do not deliver on Bank Holidays! (See delivery schedule at the bottom of this blog post).
  • Organise your Meal planner for the full weekend so that you know what available calories and carbs you have.
  • Try to keep your mealtimes similar.
  • Perhaps weigh in on a Monday morning as it may help you become accountable over the weekend. Knowing that you'll step on the scale straight after the weekend can help you to stay in control and be more aware of your weekend choices.
  • Plan for the week ahead. What better way to stay on plan over the weekend than by using the extra time to continue to set yourself up for success the following week? Take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to plan your meals for the week ahead. Hit the grocery store, and do some big batch cooking for the week ahead. That way, when your busy week gets even busier, you'll already be organised and able to stay on track.
  • You may be enjoying the time with your other half, family or having a girlie night in, and that could mean a takeaway, have a look at the fakeaways on our customer submitted recipe site or look for healthy options if on the Lifestyle plan by ordering the healthier choices eg, Plain Tandoori or Tikka Chicken with salad or steamed vegetables from the Starter menu from an Indian. Opt for something steamed from the Chinese menu, if you are craving a stir-fry ask for a protein option with garlic and ginger and keep away from sauces that can impact your losses and ketosis.

  • If you are having a day out with family or friends and you are going out for something to eat, check the online menu so you can plan what you will be having beforehand and ensure it is suitable for an on-plan meal. Make sure you order first as then you will not be swayed by what everyone else is having and more able to stay on plan.
  • If you are planning a picnic or BBQ, weather permitting of course! Have a look at one of my older blogs “Summer Time Tips” for some great ideas for food options.

It can also be pretty hectic and very tempting to break all of your good habits as you may indulge in some of your children’s snacks so keep them out of sight (not the children but the snacks!) Portion up their snacks into healthy portions and think of some activities that will keep them distracted and less likely to ask for snacks. Dust off the board games, plan fun activities like colouring, stickers or a more recent craze dare I say it – slime. Go for a kick about in the park, play on the swings, anything to help distract them from their seasonal supply of sugar.

View the weekend as a time for you to enjoy with friends and family—not an excuse to stray off plan.

Have a great weekend, and if you need additional support, please do not hesitate to use all of our support networks. You can do this.

Happy Easter! - Jo

Bank Holiday Weekend Reminder - Do not run out of Packs!:

Make sure you do not run out of supplies this Bank Holiday Weekend. As the Bank Holiday Weekend approaches we would like to inform you of our delivery schedule: (the below schedule is based on Mainland UK, choosing DPD for delivery).

Place your order:

  • Before 4:30pm Wednesday 17th April for delivery Thursday 18th April.
  • After 4:30pm Wednesday 17th April for delivery Tuesday 23rd April.
  • Before 4:30pm Thursday 18th April for delivery Tuesday 23rd April.
  • After 4:30pm Thursday 18th April for delivery Wednesday 24th April.

There will be no deliveries on Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday

Saturday Delivery is available on orders placed before 4:30pm on Thursday 18th April in supported areas.

Joanne JonesHow will you tackle the up and coming long weekends? Share them below to be in with a chance of winning a set of Bluetooth Scales! Our favourite comment will be chosen on Thursday 18th April 2019 at 4 pm!

By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor

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Comments on Don`t let the Weekend become your weak-end!
Jackie Joyce 18/04/2019 11:27
I've got hubby to lock all of the grandchildrens eggs away until Sunday morning. The one he's bought me from Norway, a fancy pants expensive one will be my present for getting to long as he eats half! No going out for meals...just delivering eggs and back home with the cats!
Emily Broome 18/04/2019 08:56
I feel focused and determined. We have a busy weekend, I ensure I have 5 x litre bottles filled every morning so I can grab them throughout the day. It’s also a visual representation of my fluid intake. I have my packs and a bar out so I can see how many I have left as I don’t feel physically hungry so it ensures I have my packs spaced out. Feel positive that I am taking charge of. My weight loss
Rach holdsworth 17/04/2019 21:43
Easter weekend.... choccy rabbit choccy eggs choccy.cakes.... gonna have choccy shake for brekkie chocci porrodge for lunch.and prawn stirfry followed by rhubarb. Will power rules gonna be 50 in 3.months.and i am gonna strut my booty in gold hot pants
If there is a.moment of weekness .. its bathtime and a glass of water lol. Happy easter we can do this
Sue Bunce 17/04/2019 20:38
- yes , it will be a long weekend , I’m working all four days of it ...
As usual it will be a shake for breakfast , soup for lunch , a pack or a lifestyle meal for dinner and a bar or brownie later in the evening .
I have my first 3 packs for each day sorted , and have cooked up some less than 3% fat minced beef with onions , swede , peppers and mushrooms , in a blended pepper sauce , ready for a couple of dinners and some for the freezer , tomorrow I will make one lot into a cottage pie with carrot and swede mash topping for Saturday as I won’t be home until 6 , dinner at my daughters on Sunday , that’ll be a roast without the potatoes or Yorkshires and I’m that sad that I’ll take my own ‘gravy’ .
One thing I’ve learned through my SnS journey is that preparation really is key x
Louise W. 17/04/2019 19:06
I'm finding staying in the zone easier and easier by remembering my goal, looking back at how far I've come and planning my new wardrobe.

Hartleys sugar free jelly is so helpful and so is making packs into moose.

We can also have zero fizzy drinks which no matter what doesn't feel like a diet at all.

Because there's lots of chocolate bars and chocolate flavour shakes to choose from - I'm going to have a whole chocolate flavour weekend, so I know I won't feel like I'm missing out at all.

And I swear by drinking a pint of water with every single pack! My skin, sleep and concentration are loving me for it.

Good luck losers! Lets not crack!
HELEN SHERIDAN 17/04/2019 18:45
Because I don't have young children there will not be chocolate around and my husband works shifts so this weekend is no different from any other. Looking forward to another loss next week.
Kerri-lei card 17/04/2019 18:42
I am strong, and even when I’m weak I will be stronger, weakness will not defeat me, I’m in charge of myself and I choose to be my strongest happy strong weak-end
Julianne Macleod 17/04/2019 18:41
I’m working all weekend so hopefully that will keep me away from stuff I shouldn’t have! Restarting tomorrow and have my 4 packs laid out! A timeframe for my packs and water and my non food treat is planned for my first 7lbs off!
Lisa Hesketh 17/04/2019 18:04
I’m soooooooo looking forward to this weekend! I won’t be thinking about Easter/bank holiday weekend treats, I’ll be spending my whole weekend crocheting myself a gorgeous cardigan to wear in the cool summer evenings. If I ever need to be distracted I crack on with my hobbies, and food is not one of them!
Lizzie B 17/04/2019 15:58
Definitely be prepared, and don`t be focused on the fact of not having an Easter egg or two I am going to experiment with a truffa bar and see if I can make some little mini egg type sweets so that I don`t feel deprived but can still be on plan.

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