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Emotional Freedom From Food

In this feature Slim & Save examines how you can become trapped by food, your emotions and your eating habits. If this sounds familiar then don’t despair…..we will let you in on a little secret - the concept of finding food freedom!

By the time you have finished reading this feature we will have helped you develop a plan to achieve emotional food freedom.

First, let’s look at a real life example....

Michele is a 36 year old working Mum to a seven year old son. When she was a teenager she struggled with her weight. She does not get much time to devote to exercise and by her own admittance sometimes finds comfort and solace in food. If you ask Michele what her weakness is she would say she is a ‘Chocoholic’. In fact, she thinks she is addicted to chocolate – but is she really?

Firstly, let’s decide whether chocolate plays a positive or a negative role in her life. When Michele goes to the supermarket she always buys a multipack of her favourite chocolate bars and by the time she has driven home she has eaten them all and thrown the wrappers out of the window (to hide the evidence) – sound familiar? Once at home, consumed with guilt, she then sits and cries whilst watching her favourite soap. To cheer herself up she breaks open the box of chocolates she had bought for her Mum’s birthday. When her son sees her she feels embarrassed so she snaps at him and tells him to go away. He feels rejected and she feels lonely. She hates her body and blames her love of chocolate for her size. She feels trapped because the more upset she becomes, the more she eats and she cannot imagine a life without chocolate. Chocolate plays a negative role in her life and she needs to find emotional freedom. She could find food freedom if only she knew how...


    Emotional Freedom From Food
  • You don’t have to give up your special food COMPLETELY
  • Change the way you shop. Don’t buy multi-packs - buy one item instead
  • You don’t have to eat your special food in secret – this only makes you feel guilty
  • Use your special food as a treat to be enjoyed in moderation (a little means a lot)
  • If you know that eating it will make you sad, then throw it away
  • Accept that it is impossible to be physically addicted to a food substance like chocolate

People can interpret emotional freedom from food in different ways i.e. to what extent they have become trapped. You can decide how ‘trapped’ you have become by considering whether food constrains or limits your enjoyment of life in any way.

If you have extreme feelings about food - for example boredom, terror or excitement then achieving food freedom could help you. Food CAN become a positive part of your life. It really is possible to enjoy food without it taking over your life. Our minds are powerful tools and training yourself to think positive thoughts about food will allow you to actually remove the constraints that food has on your life.

The key to finding food freedom

Finding a coping strategy for managing your feelings and emotions will truly set you free of your food ‘addiction’. Here are Slim & Save’s Top Tips for finding food freedom:

  1. Consider taking a break from conventional food by starting a Slim & Save VLCD plan
  2. Stop thinking of food as a way to cope
  3. When you eat, savour and enjoy every mouthful
  4. Eat when you are physically, not emotionally hungry
  5. Give food your full attention (switch off the TV when you eat)
  6. Take time to eat
  7. Be free with your feelings – if you are upset then talk to someone about it
  8. Put a note on your fridge door/biscuit tin/snack cupboard saying “Be honest, do I really need this?”

It really all boils down to being honest with yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and question whether or not it is a physical hunger that makes you reach for food. If it is not a physical but an emotional hunger then it’s not your fault. Emotional hunger is caused by the way you interpret your feelings about something which has had an impact on you for example a bad day at work, a row at home, a bereavement, bad news etc.

Emotions are part of life and we need to have emotions to interact with the world around us. Food freedom will allow you to still have emotions and feelings but you will not be compelled to raid the fridge to make yourself feel better when you feel bad.

If you would like to re-think your relationship with food then why not consider a proven diet plan from Slim & Save? Our specialist plans include Lifestyle, Simplicity and Simplicity+. They are designed for people of all ages and include a range of nutritionally complete foodpacks to help you lose weight quickly, safely and efficiently.

If you have any questions or concerns about emotional eating why not post them in our forum and our team will be able to advise and guide you?

Comments on Emotional Freedom From Food
Jennifer Goodall 28/03/2017 09:22
I am sure many people can relate to the real life story and the article provides some really great tips on how to overcome emotional eating.
Samantha Sharp 08/04/2014 11:11
Excellent article. I have a terrible relationship with food and am going to turn that around to being a great relationship whilst on the S&S plan.
Joan Rickeard 24/02/2014 18:45
Hard to keep on track, but am gradually winning hoping to win in the end. thanks
kelly hodgson 24/02/2014 17:13
Great article I can relate to it, and am hoping to get on the slim and save wagon once my baby recovers from his operation!
Bev North 24/02/2014 16:32
Thank you for such a good article, completely resonated with me.
I'm committed to keep trying to find freedom from food.
Thanks to all at Slim & Save
Yvonne Docksey 24/02/2014 16:23
I've now changed my lifestyle for the better, by seeing food as fuel, that my body needs to function. Also by having an occasional treat, instead of picking & grazing. Only little changes but its working for me guys!!

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