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Geocaching - My favourite hobby

Katrina GeocachingFor those who know me I am quite the outdoorsy and adventurous type. If I’m not walking the fells of the Lake District during my time off I try to pursue other outdoor activities. I enjoy rambling and usually follow the North York Moors coastal and rural pathways.

I thought I would share with you all one of my latest newfound favourite hobbies that I have been enjoying during my time off that helps keep me fit and active.

It’s called “Geocaching” and it’s something that I have been doing for a couple of years now. If you’ve never heard of this before it’s a bit like orienteering and puts a whole different perspective into walking. It’s simply a huge treasure hunt where other geocachers hide ‘caches’ around the world. In fact, there are probably lots of hidden boxes where you are now! They can be hidden in rough terrain, public locations, in the urban or bush environments. They are everywhere. One of the best things about it is that is free.

If you have a GPS receiver at home, you simply enter your co-ordinates where the ‘cache’ is hidden and it’s your job to track it down and find your prize! Don’t worry if you haven’t got a GPS, most smart phones can allow you to access global positioning. If you simply visit the geocaching website and it will allow you to access this.

A standard typical cache is a usually something like a small waterproof container which contains a logbook where the geocacher enters the date they found it and signs it with their established code name.

There are much larger boxes or contains hidden around in like Tupperware tubs or even ammunition boxes which all contain items for trading, usually toys or trinkets or coins of little value.

If you have little ones at home its great fun for them too, you can all join in. It suits all different lifestyles and ages.

I think it would fit great into the diet plan, its not too strenuous. You can do this at your own pace. It gets you out and about and you can enjoy the exercise and fresh air.

I’ve found 170 caches so far, how many you can find! And I wonder if we have any more fellow geocachers in our group?

If you want to give this a go pay a visit to the geocaching website and set up your account where you can start your own hunt.

Katrina MoffatI’d love to know what your hobbies are. You might take pleasure in something different like a bit of arts, crafts or other different sports? You might even visit group classes in something you enjoy?

Let us know what you like to do in your spare time, plus it might give our other members some great ideas too, if your comment is our favourite we will send you a box of 20 Chocolate Shakes!!

By Katrina Moffat, General Manager

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Comments on Geocaching - My favourite hobby
Carol Ball 14/05/2019 04:32
Last September 2018 my family and I moved to the beautiful island of Kefalonia. When we moved I decided that I would change my outlook and become more sociable. With the warm weather and the beautiful scenery it made sense to take my love of walking to another level so I joined a ramblers group. I have discovered some lovely places off the beaten track which I would never have seen, I've met some great people who spur me on, some of us even meet up between walks to walk even more. It's the best thing I've done in ages!
Sam 09/05/2019 12:24
I have a 11 month old baby who takes up a lot of my time but when do get time I love horse riding or attending my weekly bounce fit class. Having an hour or two away for myself really helps keep me going.
Claire Jones 07/05/2019 22:14
So this year, my family and I have been trying to change our terrible food and drinking habits. Sometimes we fall off the wagon so to speak, but pick ourselves Up and carry on, on our journey. Along the way, each weekend we have tried to find a different dog walk every weekend.
We’ve enjoyed this so much, finding new places, getting fit and having valued family time

Love the slim and save way of life. I’m not so strict with it, but am so greatful for the flexibility of it
Tina-Maria bird 07/05/2019 19:35
My hobbies are kickboxing , boxing and football. After becoming ill last year I was put on steroids which contributed to a weight gain. Thanks to sns I have lost quite a bit of the weight and getting my mobility back. Hopefully I can start up again soon
Karen porter 07/05/2019 18:05
Hi my name is Karen and last year I had a health scare but Before that I did keep myself fit and active and eat healthy thanks to a good friend who gave me the kick up the bum I needed due to my health problem I am limited to what I can now do exercise wise but it haven’t stopped me from getting fit again once my medication was sorted thanks to Christine Davies who put me on to S&S I’ve lost nearly 5 stone I walk a lot always active have a challenging job I live my life as best I can and so grateful for what I have in my life and also to S&S they have given me a new lease of life I love to swim ,walk ghost hunt also do a big thanks to everyone who made my life better xx
Sarah Ridley 05/05/2019 13:45
In my spare time I love swimming,in fact go every day so make time.lm a single mum been non my own with Ellie since she was6 months old and shes 10 in june.lve lost 18lb so far and loving the slim and save chocolate shakes.Pureheaven.its lovely reading all everyone's stories.Goodluck to us all and thanks for reading .
Caroline Mcgloin 04/05/2019 20:46
I returned to a low level exercise class which led to me trying zumba. Now i love my zumba days. I have met new friends, improved my fitness, increased my confidence, tried other classes too and value my class time as time for me.
Kayleigh 04/05/2019 18:13
This does look like so much fun. Definitely something I want to try with my 2 little monsters.
My hobby is Kickboxing. Great for the mind and body although I still train I've given up with competing for the time being due to back troubles which I'm hoping shedding the pounds will cure.
Melanie Massey 04/05/2019 12:28
Hi all I newbie, my first day, I have put 4st on in 12mths and I have started to make excuses soon don't need to go out and socialise, I going through a divorce and want to feel happy and confident in my own skin, so the new me starts today ☺
Julia Cumming 04/05/2019 10:30
When I’m feeling a little low I look into my fish tank at my beautiful Siamese fighting fish and neon tetras. It’s a small tank but beautifully decorated with natural driftwood, live green plants, sweeping up and providing hiding places, a stunning price of granite and a tiny Buddha my mum gave me for good luck. Looking into a little secret habitat of underwater nature relaxes me and I love to watch the fish swim about. The beautiful long tail of my fighter glitters blue and red while he glides effortlessly as he swims about patrolling his domain. He is content and happy totally immersed in being a fish. I feed him once a day on the best insect larva fish food. He eats to live not lives to eat, leaving what he does not need. My lovely fish reminds me to be content in the moment and happy that, like him, I have everything I need to grow and strive I just need to remind myself now and again.

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