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How to feel good about yourself

  • Stop weighing yourself every day:
    Weighing yourself at the start of the day will dictate your mood for the rest of the day. It could set you up for a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ each morning. Your weight can fluctuate up to 4-6lbs within a 24hour period. Ditching the scales and weighing once a week will show you a more positive and realistic result.
  • How to feel Good About Yourself
  • Pay attention to compliments
    Try writing all your compliments down and pay attention to little details. At the end of the week read them through and accept your good bits. This will make you feel more positive about yourself.
  • Find the good things:
    When you’re in a situation and it doesn’t go as planned, take a deep breath. Try and find a positive in the situation, once you have found it, make a plan for dealing with the issue.
  • Looking at you as a whole rather than in parts:
    When looking in the mirror don’t just concentrate on one feature. Look at yourself overall not only the image but yourself as an individual; then you will be more inclined to analyse your appearance as a whole instead of focusing on specific areas. You will gradually start believing that your looks don’t defy you as a person. There is much more to you than just your looks.

Have you got any tips on how to feel good about yourself? Share them below to be in with a chance of winning a set of Bluetooth Scales. Our favourite comment will be chosen on at 4 pm!

Joanne JonesHave you got any tips on how to feel good about yourself? Share them below to be in with a chance of winning a set of Bluetooth Scales! Our favourite comment will be chosen on Thursday 6th June 2019 at 4 pm!

By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor

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Comments on How to feel good about yourself
Susan waldron 06/06/2019 10:36
I look in the mirror every morning and tell myself I look good,I accept compliments off people and believe them and compliment them back I write down five good things about myself and when I feel down I go back and read them.i look at my 8 year old daughter who does have disabilities and I see what a beautiful young polite strong intelligent lady she is blossoming into as a single parent I did this on my own it makes me feel strong and proud that I have given her my strength to continue in life and succeed in everything she does.
Shelagh Hoornaert 06/06/2019 09:18
My mantra in life is :
‘Make your body the best outfit you have!’
You’ve got to believe in yourself!

Throughout my journey with Slim and Save I have learnt to be believe in myself.
If I have a day where I am finding things a little difficult I refocus by looking at my mood board - filled with positivity and the reasons why I’m doing this. Look at how far I’ve come, not how far I’ve got to go ! Look at photos of where you started and where you are now!

I make small short term goals that I know I can achieve. Once I’ve reached them I reward myself with Non food rewards- nail polish, bubble bath etc. They don’t have to cost a lot!

One of the things I did find difficult was to accept compliments! I love receiving them and now I find that they give me a buzz and I want more!! I use them to my advantage, being only 5ft tall they make me feel 6 ft! Walk tall and puts a spring in my step!
Be positive you can do it !
Mary martin 06/06/2019 07:30
Give yourself praise for each time you have done something good how ever big or small start by keeping of the scales as this can make you feel low as it's not always what you want to see ,I now keep mine in the loft and get weighed once a week,if you have fallen of the the diet don't beat yourself up tomorrow is another day, get rid of all the junk food in you cupboards no more temptation ,try new hobbies and if you have some spare time put music on and sing and dance while no one is watching that's what I do all of this makes you feel so much better best form of exercise you can get best way to start your day or instead of slumped in from of a telly ,,,
Kathryn Jamieson-Sinclair 05/06/2019 14:04
I would just like everyone to remember that being big does not mean you are not beautiful, your size does not determine that. I feel good about myself because this journey is getting me fitter, and healthier, it's not about being smaller and taking up less room in the world. I am doing this because I love my body and want to take care of it, not because I hate it. These thoughts keep me positive and keep me focused.
madeline Webb 05/06/2019 09:46
Just feel wonderful to put my slim leg jeans on and suddenly think they are not being squeezed at the knees , such a bliss feeling .
Sarah Deakin 05/06/2019 05:32
For me, its allowing myself the time for a little self indulgence. I'm not in a position to spend money on manicures, pedicures or facials, but I have been doing them on myself at home. They occupy my time and focus my mind so I don't focus on food, and have a great effect in that I feel better and look better as a result. My teen daughter joins in too and we have bonded closely over this little bit of self care in the evenings. My feet are always sandals-ready now and I'm finding myself feeling a lot more polished when I leave the house, meaning I'm walking taller and stepping out with a spring in my step too.
Sara Perkins 05/06/2019 02:38
I am a positive person and treat people how I would like to be treated, give someone a compliment and it can set you and them up for the whole day and will stay with them for a long time, maybe they will never forget it, I know that if I am paid a compliment by someone I never forget it. I have lost nearly 2 & a half stone and this week I saw someone that I hadn't seen for a couple of months and I am still buzzing from their lovely comments about my weight loss. I work with elderly people and some are quite lonely if I can give them my time that makes them & me truly happy. With losing weight with S&S I have more confidence, more self esteem and have learnt to like myself better & that makes life a whole lot easier. Thank you Slim & Save
Kimberley Mortimer 04/06/2019 21:53
Feeling good about myself is about being positive and doing things for others. I use the action for happiness calendars to ensure i do one thing everyday that supports and enhanced my well-being and that of the people around me.

It's amazing how a small action can lead to a more positive state of mind, lower your stress levels, make you smile and more importantly, make you believe in yourself the power of you.

the June action for happiness calendar (hope this is allowed).Already this month, following the action for happiness calendar, I have looked for (and found) the good in each day; done three things to bring joy to others; re-framed a worry and found a positive way to respond (losing weight!) And thanked someone for the joy they have brought to my life, Little things that are so easy to do, that do bring happiness to me and others. As they say, the little things we do, however small can be the things which mean the most of all.
Anne Eyles 04/06/2019 19:15
Matching underwear!! Omg it makes you feel positive and sexy all day long. It put a spring in my step everyday xx
Rosemarie Broadhurst 04/06/2019 10:03
I have learnt that if you do have a wobbly and go off track, do not beat yourself up about it. Get back on track and draw a line under it and just take it step by step and one day at a time.

We are only human and not robots. But remember even robots fail sometimes

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