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How to get on track and stay there!

You have fallen off the wagon, it happens! Now get yourself back on track as soon as possible NOW, not tomorrow but right now! Here are some tips to help you get back on track:

Don`t beat yourself up this is an opportunity to accept and welcome the fact that you are human

That means that you will make mistakes and slip once in a while. Use this blip to help you learn from the experience, remember your best teacher is your last mistake.

Own your behaviour - recognise your triggers

Emotional hunger can’t be filled with food. Eating may feel good in the moment, but the feelings that triggered the eating are still there, you often feel worse, it's important to stop thinking of food as a way to cope. You can change how you cope with your emotions without turning to food to numb, comfort or distract you from them.

Write down how you feel

Keep a diary in which you write down how you felt after your blip whether emotional or physical. Admit to how this has affected you… ie headaches the following day, guilty feelings, grumpiness with family and colleagues. In remembering how bad you felt can help keep you on track next time.

Get support from our Groups and ourselves

By getting support from family and friends when you most need it will help keep you focused and will help give you the boost you need when you are tempted. Use the Slim & Save Facebook Groups to get additional help and motivation that you need from other members on plan. And don’t forget we have our dedicated Customer Care Team whom are always available 7 days a week.

Search for new recipes

You may need something that will keep you on plan, something that you can have which you can share with your family so you don`t feel left out and tempted to have a little off their plates. Why not try a cheeky "fake-away" maybe. Check out our recipes section and save it to your home screen on your phone. Plan ahead, it will definitely prevent you from feeling you are missing out.

Read success stories

By seeing members who have reached goal weight is a great motivator for other slimmers who are still on their journey. Slim & Save members success stories.

Have a positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself daily

Now that you are back on track get yourself a motivational quote or mantra to repeat to yourself each morning and throughout the day. Something like, “Every day in every way I am approaching my ideal weight”. Or something that means something personal to you. You can always search the internet for motivational quotes and choose one that will resonate with you personally.

Above all, never give up. One, two or even three blips can never erase every second, hour, day, week, month you have spent being 100%!

Joanne Jones

Have you got any tips on how to get on track and stay there? Share them below to be in with a chance of winning a set of Bluetooth Scales. Our favourite comment will be chosen on Monday 2nd April 2018 at 4 pm! Be sure to leave your comment below to be in with a chance to win!

By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor

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Comments on How to get on track and stay there!
Linda Cannon 10/04/2018 09:17
Hi have just started again with slim and save and have lost 7.5 lbs in the first week. Two years ago I lost 5 and a half stone with the plan and it transformed my life. However for various reasons I came off plan and started to gain weight again. This time I'm starting a stone heavier than before, shocking really,after going through bad health problems and having very little mobility. However I am now ready to start again and feel really excited about it. Any support would be gratefully received.
Gillian Connolly 05/04/2018 15:15
Thank you so much guys. I have just given in and taken a chocolate (well 4 actually) out of the box at work. Now I feel sick. Small blip I know, but reading what everyone has written has made me sit up and think. I am worth more than this, I do feel happy when I am loosing weight and completely deflated when I gain a pound or 2. I want to be happy healthy and full of life and I aint gonna find that in a box of chocolates. Onwards and Upwards peeps, I can do this and with you wonderful bunnies out there giving me inspiration, I want it more than every. Big Thank you x
Lee Ellingworth 02/04/2018 13:38
I really needed this today,

I live some distance from my kids and spent Easter on my own. I do find family times stressful and to compensate I eat, all the wrong things. Of course I then feel so dreadful the next day I do it all again.Today I am moving forward.

I have set up my art easel in the centre of my very small lounge and will paint when ever I get low and want to turn to food.

I have taken down the pictures that I put up in the kitchen, you know the ones, me fat as hell with that fake smile plastered in place. Now they have been replaced with reasonable pictures of ladies my age looking good in age appropriate clothes that I know I used to love to wear. A carrot instead of a stick.

I bought lunch bags with the zip tops and put in a days worth of pouches and bars. What was my bread bin is filled with the bags and I just pick one out every morning and that's my food for the day. I don't have to think about it, I call them my lucky bags as never sure what is going to be in them.

I would say Give yourself a break, we all fall down sometimes but we can get back up and carry on. Do this for you and no one else and give yourself a treat every now and then. Get your nails done, get a new hair do and best of all meet up with friends who support you.

I will take away and use some of the excellent suggestions you have all given, stay strong you know you can do this.
Jemma Playfair 31/03/2018 09:33
I found the best way to stay on track is to have small goals, instead of a huge goal that can be daunting.

I like to reward myself when I get to each small goal- all non food treats. I found this to be really liberating as before I never thought I was worth the money for treats. It was always someone else before me. So I get a wee treat like my nails done, some new stationary for work or a nice face mask.

I also keep a diary of how I am feeling and can go back to it when I want to reflect. This can be quite powerful for tracking patterns of how I feel at certain times etc. I let my partner read it so he can see how I am feeling and try to understand (he does try and is getting better).

The Facebook Page is also a real god send. Whenever I feel a bit weak I would just go on and read what everyone’s up to and the time I had done that I wouldn’t want whatever I was going to have.

The best tip I have had is don’t be hard on yourself. It’s not going to get you where you want being too self-critical or mean about yourself.

I have learnt to love me- whatever shape or size I am. I want to lose weight to feel fitter and more confident- I always remember that when on plan! Xxx
Melina Sutcliffe 29/03/2018 19:14
To keep myself on track I made a flashcard which I take everywhere with me and check twice a day or more if at times I'm struggling. On one side there is my reasons for losing weight, activities I can do when I'm lighter and also clothes I will be able to wear at my goal weight.
On the other side are comments from other people or myself that have made me upset about my weight or things that affect me because of it. These motivate me to prove myself and others wrong! I can say this is the biggest motivation for me :)

There is also another thing I do that keeps me on track and that is credit myself when i've done something good. Every time I drink water, eat something on plan or exercise I tell myself 'good job' or 'well done you're smashing it'. Since starting this plan I've learnt to fall in love with the journey not just the idea of the end result. I feel great about myself and there is not a chance I will not get to my goal weight. Every time I see results or even feel energetic and happy it spurs me on.
Tanya Willings 27/03/2018 21:08
After losing 14 stones on another plan, I can say that was extremely hard and needed sacrifice, determination and will power. The scales ran my life, food ruled my life and every decision was, at times, such a mental battle. Isn’t it funny how we depend on food for our moods? Or even click watching thinking ‘is it lunch time yet’? A bad mood? Even A good mood? Birthdays, anniversaries etc the dreaded - I’ll start Monday !!! What is it with Monday’s ? What SnS has done fur me so far has enabled myself to rethink my habits, rewards that don’t rely on food, re- assessing what makes me feel good about myself like painting my nails, a special bed bible bath, go in my hot tub, taking the dog for axwalk is very therapeutic as is cleaning and decluttering m. It’s important obtake your mind of food and the cycle we have created around unhealthily eating cycles and habits.

Staying motivated is all about not forgetting the end result - the bigger picture - the reminiscing of why you even came to the decision of choosing SnS, that decision was a big step into our new life. I look st my old pictures before my thyroid packed up - 3 stone heavier as of 5th March but as of day I’m 1 stone down and can see the much loved inner me coming back and with every day, every pound, the smiles in the mirror, the achievements and seeing the NSV achievements too - the changes with not just the body, but the mind too ❤️

Nothing tastes as good as feeling slimmer feels !!
LYNSEY Parsons 27/03/2018 18:48
I think when you’re ready to lose weight, something just “clicks” and that really helps you stay on track and on the waggon. I’ve tried losing weight hundreds of times - but it always finds me!

This time, I’m trying to look at it with a positive mindset rather than a negative and it’s amazing how powerful that is! For example, I’m reminding myself of all the things I will GAIN by shredding the pounds, (like a new wardrobe, my health, being able to comfortably fit in a plane seat instead of worrying that I’m not going to fit!) instead of thinking of what I have to sacrifice or give up to follow the plan.

I’m not giving up social events, or my life for this plan - I’m going out as much as normal and taking a bar or choosing a lifestyle meal. I drink water and Coke Zero whilst my friends down the wine- and I feel GOOD.

This time, I’m writing everything down - using my meal planner and recording everything. I reward myself at the end of every day, for a job well done - so far I’ve been 100% on plan with no “cheat days.” These don’t work for me. There’s no “cheat” way to get thin - so for me this is a 100% commitment. If I come off plan, I know I’ll struggle to get back on - so it’s an all or nothing approach for me.

This 100% approach allows me to address my food issues - I usually use food as an emotional crutch, if I’m happy - I go for a meal with family to celebrate, if something bad has happened, I drown myself in food. I’m learning to celebrate successes and commiserate bad news in new, much healthier ways - bubble baths, a long walk, reading a book, having my nails done.

Following lifestyle allows me to have a meal with family, I can still eat out _- I just make healthier choices. It’s totally set me up for when I get to target and helping me to see how little calories we need to survive, whilst also showing me just how better you feel when you cut carbs. I’m learning to use food as fuel for my body rather than stuffing myself to burst.

The support on the SNS page is invaluable and I’m on there multiple times a day, checking recipes and replying to people. It really is the best support group ever.

What keeps me going is to be realistic - to know that there may be “blips” along the way but be prepared for snack-ccidents! Write it all down and get back on the wagon. What caused you to slip? It’s usually lack of preparation - a favourite saying I was once told is, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Make sure you have staples at home - jelly, Coke Zero, babybel, some baby corn and kale to bung in the oven - I call these my “crutches” - they really help me through and help me stay on plan. They’re the things that can stop me from cheating so I always make sure I have some at home.

If a blip happens, learn from it - what made you cave? Can you avoid it next time?

Don’t throw it all away because of a bump in the road. I just need to remember - and want us all to remember - that you haven’t failed until you stop trying!!!
Catharine Lawson 27/03/2018 17:59
Take a picture of yourself now, so you can actually see the difference in your shape. Buy an outfit in the size that you want to be and visualise yourself wearing it when you are at your goal, or use clothes that used to fit to aim to get back into. Set yourself short term mini goals. Lose weight and change your life for yourself.
Karen Butcher 27/03/2018 15:37
Try to stay busy and focused on the goal ahead, by doing stuff around the house or garden!
Doing all those jobs you’ve been putting off for so long, like cleaning out you’re garage or loft!
Best tip is to stay out of the kitchen for as long as you during the day!!

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