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How to stop wasting food and save money

How often have you left some veg in the fridge for too long and it has gone past its best before date and ends up in your bin?

Do you know the difference between Best Before and Use By dates?

Stop Wasting FoodHow many times do you walk around the supermarket not really knowing what you need?

Lets see if Slim & Save can give you some tips on how you can reduce your food wastage and save some £’s too.

Keep a track of what you eat less of and have thrown out and buy less of this when you do you food shopping.

Before you go to the supermarket make a list by checking what you have in your cupboards, freezer and fridge this will help you to not over buy or buy duplicate items.

Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach this will only increase temptation to add off-plan treats into your trolley.

Eat foods first that have a shorter shelf life such as leafy greens.

See a misshapen carrot? Look out for these in the bargain sections in the supermarket. Many supermarkets reduce prices on the not so perfect looking veg, they taste exactly the same so you can save some extra pennies here too.

Use all parts of your veg by:

  • Using the tops of carrots and beetroots to add into a salad
  • Peel broccoli stems and shred the tender ones to make a homemade on-plan coleslaw
  • Keep poultry and fish bones to make a soup broth

The difference between “best before” and “use by” date is that “best before” relates to the quality of the food so after this time the quality may have reduced but it will still be safe to eat. “Use by” date are generally found on fresh foods such as meat and fish. This one is the most important so even if it looks ok and smells ok if it is past its “use by” date Do Not eat it as it could make you ill.

Preparation is key plan ahead what meals you are going to have for the coming week, this will save you time in the long run especially if you have a busy home life. Freeze your veg to ensure it lasts. Lots of people now use a Sunday to get organised for the coming week and I have to admit after giving this a go myself I realised just how much food I utilise without much waste, and it also cut out the indecisiveness of thinking each day what to have for my evening meal, as I had my weeks meals already planned. Many people think that by freezing their veg it will lose its goodness and fresh taste however if you do the following then all the goodness and flavour will be locked in:

  • Bring to the boil the veg and let it boil for 1 to 3 mins
  • Transfer the veg in to cold water and let it stand for 1 to 2 mins
  • Dry veg off and then pop into a freezer bag and pop in the freezer

Jennifer GoodallYou can also freeze meat and fish, portion up your meat and fish into usable individual portions and simply pop into a freezer bag and place in the freezer. Even milk, stock and yoghurt freezes really well. Don’t forget your leftovers too, think before you bin!

By Jennifer Goodall, Customer Care Advisor

Comments on How to stop wasting food and save money
Daniela 19/06/2017 15:56
That happened to me so often before, now it is very rare thanks to a famous food processor ;) and organisation. At last I would make a soup with all leftover veggies but mostly I will make delicious salads in less than 1mn !
Amy 19/06/2017 12:18
Love this! I totally agree, prepping meals saves so much money and also allows you to cook veg etc that is just about to go out of date so you can cook it and freeze them. Buying frozen veg helps me as well because you can just cook what you need and you're not throwing it away.
Tina silk-neilsen 18/06/2017 09:41
I always make a list of what I need for the week by looking at what we have in the cupboards and freezer and see what meals I can make and write a day by day menu then make a list of what i dont have for my shopping list. I always look in the reduced section for veg that I know I can chop and freeze or meats that can be portioned up and frozen. I buy my chicken breasts in bulk from a butcher 25kg for 20.00. Usually get between 16 -20 breasts and they are alot bigger than those in the super market so again portion it up and it lasts longer. Im quite mindful when it comes to using things in date order as I hate waste. I shop 2/3 times a week for veg and only when we have eaten what we have. I always look for the offers on veg and if they are good offers I bulk buy chop and freeze.. I have enough rhubarb and mushrooms to last me 2 months
emma case 18/06/2017 09:31
I have started buying local now I get my meat from the meat van and the local veg market I freeze as much as possible and buy enough veg to last me 3 days max I have also started growing my own I only have a small space in my garden but I also use pots and hanging baskets and its great the kids are even eating veg that then never used to which is a bonus everything else I online shop so bo temptations as all I need to get is household and cereal ect
Nicola Heaps 17/06/2017 17:03
Online shopping! No tempting end of aisle promotions, smells and sights. I would always get tempted by the fresh bakery aisle and end up with loads of stale bread and buns. Another thing that has really helped me is to buy lean meat in bulk and freeze it into portions - Muscle Food have great value, healthy hampers that fill up the freezer for ages. It is so much tastier and cheaper than supermarket meat.
Christopher Kay 17/06/2017 16:32
Another thing I'd recommend when buying food is always take stuff from the back of the shelves - that's where they put the freshest ones and those close to their best before dates are moved to the front.

Especially for fresh fruit, veg and salad. Get it from the back and it'll last longer, resulting in less food waste
Alison Hudson 17/06/2017 16:32
I've found that when I do my supermarket shop on a Wednesday, the salad veg hasn't lasted to the weekend. I've started buying less and replenishing at the weekend rather than bulk buying on Wednesday and throwing it all away on Saturday. :) x
Roberta Wixon 17/06/2017 16:28
Great ideas thank you.
I often buy the microwaveable steam packs of veg even though they are more expensive I don't waste a thing so feel justified in spending the extra.
Ninna Klingstroem-Wheatley 17/06/2017 15:19
If I ever have leftovers I put it all in a wok, and they all love it, if there is to little for them all, I just put a little more meat or greens in it.
Samantha Clark 17/06/2017 12:02
Some fantastic ideas. Especially like the idea about using all posts of the veg.
My family plan ahead for the week what meals they would like and then I know what to shop for. We have a board on the fridge that everyone puts down their ideas.
I usual internet shop for convenience but make sure I don't do that whilst hungry too.

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