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Make that move, right now!

If you are in need of some ideas for ways to exercise then here are some tried and tested tips on how you can find opportunities to workout without really knowing it...

  • Go to a club or concert where you can stand or dance for an hour or two
  • Challenge your mates to a game of football in the park
  • Buy a second-hand bike on eBay and get out on two wheels instead of four
  • Enjoy an early night with your ‘Other Half’ (nudge-nudge, wink-wink’)
  • Volunteer to do something for the community like litter picking, wall building or painting
  • Don’t send emails to work colleagues in your office – walk over to their desk and talk to them instead
  • Park in the farthest corner of the car park at the shops (not the space nearest the entrance)
dig a hole!

And for the more adventurous of you, here are some wilder ways to exercise. (If in doubt about how much exercise to take please ask a Medical Expert).

  • Swim across a lake
  • Do a pub crawl with a difference – jog to each pub and fill up on soft drinks (maybe raise money for charity at the same time)
  • Dig a hole – seriously: digging uses as much energy as swimming
  • Go to your nearest big city and climb the steps of the tallest monument or building
  • Ride a camel, well OK maybe a horse will be easier to find

Remember, your body does not know whether you are sweating it out in a gym or running round a muddy field.

Even chores like housework and decorating will be beneficial to your body if you use some elbow grease. Not to mention your home will benefit too.

It is claimed that if you do anything once a day for a month it will become a habit, so let’s say you use the stairs at work instead of the lift – after a few weeks you won’t even think twice about doing it.

The trick to keeping motivated for exercise is to do something that you actually enjoy. If you are thinking of taking up a new sport then make sure that it is something you love watching or talking about to keep you really interested.

Before beginning any new physical activities always consult your GP or Medical Expert

Comments on Make that move, right now!
Nicola McMillan 25/06/2014 14:40
When I first started this diet back in January. I could hardly walk 10 steps without feeling breathless. Not too good when I have a very active 7 year old boy.
I'm aware that I can't do too much exercise on a vlcd so I listen to my body. This year I done the race for life. I raised over £400 for Cancer. I didn't stop once and completed the race in just under an hour. I didn't run. Just walked.
Next week it's the beginning of the summer holidays and I feel confident to go back to swimming. My little boy is delighted.
Thank you Slim and Save. I can finally live again :-)
Riona Woodman 25/06/2014 05:46
'Short and Sweet' that's how my previous diet and exercise attempts have been........have never thought of exercise in the form of doing household activities before. Yesterday I cut the grass, collected it all in, bagged it all up and then cleaned out and hoovered the car. The sense of achievement in accomplishing being more active without the shame of jogging round the block or in my case walking up the hill to do the school run and spotting my huge frame in the shop windows is one that left me feeling good about my journey which I have only just begun.
elizabeth hayes 24/06/2014 19:20
Seeing as I can't swim then hand me that spade! haha thats brilliant! I may go and dig up the garden!!
Well I just wanted to say that myself and my partner are exercising! its thanks to being on Slim and Save, no way we could have done it before! I also bought a vibration plate and have got up to 90 squats in the morning on it in less than a week! love it! Myself and my partner both seem to have more energy now which is great! ;) I have also found dancing around my bedroom like a loon when I should be doing normal exercise is fun! Just stick your headphones in and away you go :P It will be interesting to see how much energy we have once the majority of our weight falls off! I just feel happy! So thank you Slim and Save! xx
Ceri Gardiner 24/06/2014 14:49
Before Slim and Save the only exercise I would do was to my fridge. I have only been on my S & S journey since the end of last year and I can honestly say I have the same energy now as I had when I was a teenager. I feel so much more vibrant in the mornings and refreshed in the evenings. Light exercise which for me includes swimming three times a week and long relaxed walks leaves me feeling so good in myself and much healthier. There is nothing better than coming back home from an exercise to make a healthy dinner which consists of either a Slim and Save Four Cheese Pasta (my absolute fave) or a piece of Fillet steak and Roasted parsnips on a treat day. I have never been able to maintain a weight loss method until Slim and Save which not only encourages cutting out bad foods and bad habits, but also gives us unlimited support, advice and copious amounts of understanding. Thank you Slim and Save.
Michelle Ferguson 24/06/2014 14:06
I have made the change to my lifestyle as I was so unhappy in myself although to the outside world I was always laughing and jovial and up for a good laugh. I am still the same but now I mean how I act! I am laughing and smiling from the inside as well as on the outside! I want to go for long walks along the seafront and I am. Before my weight loss journey, I was thinking "I would like to go for a walk but I can't as my back/knees will give way." Nope - not any more they don't! I am on this journey for the long haul and not just as a temporary measure. I want to get to my goal weight and stay there and be able to have fun with the family. Not be the person in the corner eyeing up the food with only eating in mind.

I am doing it for me and only me. However, my family are already reaping the changes from the new me as we are getting out more and doing more as a family. I actually am so happy inside and out and am looking forward to the new and much more improved me!
Peter Seward/ Angela Lane 24/06/2014 12:00
Some great ideas for excercise in the article combined with S & S packs.. Along with the great support from the S&S staff I have had a great weight loss although I didn't have a great deal to lose ... I combine walking ,gardening , swimming and hula hooping to help maintain my losses. Slim and Save is a great way to lose weight combined with gentle excercise especially for those who find it hard to be disciplined .. :)
jacqueline holroyd 24/06/2014 11:56
Do something you like so that’s the housework out then! but I love taking the grandson swimming and I have a joined a yoga class, it may not be the most strenuous exercise but it is great for body and soul and I do walk there and back.
alison needham 24/06/2014 11:46
I move my car at lunch time up to the shopping centre which forces me to walk back to the office and then back to the car after work :)
Jan Hudson 24/06/2014 09:23
Some great ideas in the article and, combined with the scrumptious packs from slim & Save, we will soon be a band of fit, fabulous 'fin' people!

I also favour setting small goals - say, half a stone - then rewarding myself with a new top or some earrings instead of food (which used to be my treat) BUT I challenge myself to get to a fixed point in the village faster each time! And instead of doing a car run for the boring household shopping, invest in a couple of nice bags, spread the weight evenly and do a few 'lifts' with them all the way home - bye bye bingo wings!
Jane Fielding 24/06/2014 08:56
One of my reasons for starting Slim and Save was to be able to keep up with my four children. I felt that I was being left behind and left out :( I'm starting to reap the rewards now. I can have a kick about with my 8 year old without getting exhausted, bounce on the trampoline with the 6 year old, play hide and seek with my 4 year old and whizz cars around the floor with the 3 year old. Exercise really is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself and it comes hand in hand with a healthy weight and lifestyle. And I really feel like I'm getting there :)

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