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How to make the right food choices whilst on holiday

It’s that time of the year when we are getting excited for a well deserved holiday abroad or a relaxing break in the UK. You have got your bikini or shorts, beach towel and holiday clothes to the ready, and after putting in so much hard work on plan to get to this stage, suddenly the fear sets in of holiday weight-gain and having to start all over again as soon as you return home. And this is before you have even packed your suitcase!

Does this sound familiar? Fear not, here at Slim & Save we understand the excitement of going on holiday but also the associated nervousness of potential weight-gain whilst you are away. With this in mind, we have put together some simple ways to help you with staying healthy on holiday and limit any weight-gain and still enjoy your rest and relaxation to the full.

Don’t be afraid to try the local delicacies

Most of us when on holiday like to try out the local cuisine but sometimes for ease or if you have children it is quicker to go to a convenient fast food restaurant. Try to avoid this, search for restaurants, cafés and bars that serve fresh locally sourced food and choose options which are low in carbs that are freshly made, like fresh fish and home grown fruit and vegetables.

Have it your way

Eating Right On HolidayJust because you are abroad or in a different location in the UK does not mean you cannot ask for a meal to come the way that you would like i.e. no sauce. More and more eateries have become flexible to the needs of their customer and are more than happy to cook your food to order.

Portion control

Portion control is key. Remember your portion sizes, being on holiday is not an excuse to over indulge. If the restaurant provides large meals ask for a small portion. I do all the time as I hate the feeling of being bloated. Share meals with your family and get them eating healthy too!

Mindful eating

Focus on really savouring your meal, chewing every bit thoroughly taking in the smell, texture and the taste. This helps to ensure that you do not overeat and become bloated, and then when you are full you are more likely to stop eating. If you are having a conversation put down your knife and fork so you can focus on the conversation and once finished continue on with eating your meal taking in the taste and flavour.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

It is easy to skip breakfast but don’t. Having a good breakfast re-starts your metabolism and gives you energy for the day ahead. It will also reduce the chance of overeating during the day, helping you with staying healthy on holiday.

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water. Remember that in hot weather your body can retain some water but it is extremely important to keep hydrated and water helps with weight loss too.

Take gentle exercise

Last but not least after your meal try and make time to take a nice walk. As well as burning off some calories you also get to enjoy your beautiful surrounding’s and is a great way to keep active and help towards staying healthy on holiday.

Drinking Alcohol

IMPORTANT – If you intend to drink alcohol whilst on holiday you will need to be fully out of ketosis before you do as it is very dangerous to drink alcohol whilst still in ketosis. You will need to carb up 48 hours before you intend to drink by having 200g of carbs. You can do this by introducing carbs at each meal time. Here is a quick guide Breakfast: Any cereal. Lunch: A medium jacket potato with tuna. Evening meal: A pasta or rice dish. Snacks: fruit, raw vegetables, cheese and crackers.

Jennifer GoodallGot any useful tips on how you reduced weight gain whilst on holiday? If the answer is yes then please share these below and you might be the lucky winner of our exclusive Bluetooth Digital Scales!. We will pick our favourite tip/comment on Wednesday 12th July 2017 at 4pm.

And finally happy holidays enjoy!

By Jennifer Goodall, Customer Care Advisor

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Comments on How to make the right food choices whilst on holiday
Karen Porter 12/07/2019 15:07
I went to my sisters in USA I took all my slim & Save food with me. I was on the simplicity plan I kept to diet but because it’s flexible I would sometimes have my evening meal for lunch and sachet for tea I can’t deny I did have little things I shouldn’t have had but I was careful not to overdo it to come out of ketosis and when I got home I haven’t put weight on still lost .
Jenny Pearce 11/07/2017 11:42
I went away to Southend on sea the weekend with my best friends. I planned every meal, took it all with me, even measured water to make up shakes whilst out. They had old fashioned styled fish & chips on the sea front I took this all ready to go (carrot cake shake & pre-measured water) It's all about planning for me x week 2 weigh in lost 16lb & 15.5" well worth skipping the chips x
Natalie Harris 11/07/2017 06:21
I try not to feel guilty when on holiday as there is nothing worse then obsessing over food to the point where it ruins the holiday, but I usually have at least 1 salad a day, and fruit for lunch but I also keep a fat photo on my phone as a screensaver on holiday, so if I start to think oh it's all included I can have 3 chocolate waffles a day,I look at that and remember how hard it was to lose the weight. Normally though I go to hot places where I struggle to eat anyway!

I also need to add that you have to try the local food- I went to Indonesia last year to visit my boyfriends parents for the first time, as we were staying with them I wanted to make a good impression so ate what was served (I already felt like I had put pressure on them as I am vegetarian which is a rarity in Semarang and after finishing sns will transition to vegan!) so yeah didn't want to appear ungrateful when a lot of effort was made into making sure I could eat well by his parents. I had to try the local food- also a tradition in my family to go to local supermarket to look at what the differences there are and maybe try a few things (Seaweed flavoured crisps anyone?), but balanced out a lot of fried buttery food with lots of walking through rice paddies, up mountains, to temples etc.
Jacqueline Kelly 11/07/2017 05:27
Try to just be honest with yourself mainly and record what you have eaten , even if it means writing it down - I truly believe in logging things down and think it triggers something in the brain to remind you when you are eating or ordering food. Be conscious of your food choices and the good work already done. If going off plan completely then get some exercise in, swimming and walking. I normally end up losing weight on holiday due to the endless exercise and eating the lovely fruit and salads. Above all don't beat yourself up over it, enjoy the holiday and remember it's not the end of the world if you put on a few pounds, you can get right back on plan and lose it again when it's over and you are home!
Louise 10/07/2017 09:38
I love the food abroad and love trying local delicacies.

I find the continent eat much healthier in general so I'm going to do low carb with lots of grilled meat and fish with veggies and salad while in Greece this year.

I used to drink beer and eat chips on holiday but this year I'm sticking to low calorie drinks like Gin and tonic for example and a few olives!

I'll be telling myself that slim healthy people do this without thinking and thats what I want to become.

Good luck everyone, we can do it! x
Dawit 09/07/2017 21:58
Yaaass!! Overly determined to win as my scale is not reliable anymore although i continue to use it due to current financial status. I'd also rather save for my next slim and save month supply. It'll of course be nice to see the reliable numbers on the scale for motivational reasons but the scale wont keep me from continuing my weightloss journey and seeing me fit into my favorite jeans that i havent fit in the laat 5 years. SnS has honestly been a life saver for me. I've been on the plan for about 3 weeks and i've lost 7kg which is amazing as weightloss does not come easy for me. Due to lack of variety and harty meals. I was never quite able to push through other VLC diets. SnS has proven to work! It offers so many delicious meals just as though you're eating a normal plate of food only less than i would normally scoop. Its amazing because while on the simplicity style, i am not only losing weight but i am learning portion control. My body is adjusting making it already easier to watch what i eat when off plan and most importantly how much i eat from it which has always been an issue of mine. While it may still be hard at times, whether it be on holiday where you are supposed to leave all "rules" and simply enjoy behind at home. I mean lets be real, its called a vacation for a reason! Or social gatherings or just at home with the family at dinnertime. It is hard to deprive yourself from tasty treats. I always try to think of the weightloss goal i am trying to achieve and how good i'll feel. Mindset is everything! Mindset is always from start to finish how you can achieve your goals when it gets hard. So make sure you fully mentally prepare before leaving for your big trip! Write down the goal weight you want to be once you return. Think of the ketosis you're in and how much it has become easier since you're in it as well as how hard it will be to get back on track and into ketosis once you cheat :-( Secondly, have an SnS snack nearby at all times. Leaving the hotel to explore the city on holiday with your vacay companions? Pack a nutritious bar. Your absolute favorite one. Mine is the caramel crunchy bar by the way. Just thinking of it makes my mouth water hmmmm. That way you can look forward to it and its in arms reach. Cut it in 2 and make it a double snack perhaps and have a lovely cup of tea with it. Having a hard time while your friends/family are munching away delicious meals? Have one too. Just follow the meal planner. I usually go for grilled chicken and veggies. Or simply only a small bowl of veggies to munch on. I love mixing brocolli with the SnS pasta carbonara!! Super yummy and makes me super full too! So many options on this lovely diet. And dont forget...water water and yes, some more water. You're skin, hair, nails and even your appetite will be grateful for it. Its a wonderful and healthy appetite suppressant. Whoop whoop to my almost summerbody!! another 11kg to go! #achievingbodygoalsmadeeasybySnS
Amy 09/07/2017 20:51
Lots of water and swimming!!
Omelettes for breakfast and meat or fish and salad for dinner :)
Kelly Newton 09/07/2017 20:30
I think it's about being in control of your choices ... if you are going on holiday knowing full well you are going to drink alcohol and eat until your hearts content then make sure you are completely honest with yourself about that and make a post holiday plan ( getting straight back on S&S) I think the danger is feeling so guilty that you've gained weight that you sabotage the weight you have already lost pre- holiday.
Frances Herdman 09/07/2017 17:36
Breakfast is alwaus important first meal dont skip. I am mot stayi g on plan for my greek holiday, but there is always great choice of fresh fruits in hotels etc and great range in shops. I plan to have it to hand, watermelon is fantastic for water retention and handy on the beach. We bringing a wee cooler bag to keep fruit and chopped veg and cool water. Great greek salads will ne my choice with some protein. Hoping to not go overboard on the cocktails
Sonia Freitag 09/07/2017 17:34
My top tips would be to kerp busy, I've bought a collaring book (so old school, I know) but it's working normally in an evening I would eat loads so instead I sit and color with my can of Coke Zero as a little evening treat! Sometimes I save some calories and make kale crisps too or mix a mouse up and have with sugar free jelly, as evenings are mud struggling time so I hope these tips help others too.

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