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Measurements Matter

Losing weight is often a formidable process that requires time and hard work. Whilst on your journey to lose those pounds one of the best ways to maintain motivation is by measuring the progress of your weight loss. When measuring weight loss it is best to do this first thing in the morning before you have anything to eat and wear as little as possible to avoid altering your results.

Rule Of Thumb Don’t Do This Everyday

Our bodies are incredibly complex where things are happening day and night that we are not always aware of. Weight can fluctuate by a few pounds over the course of a day. By measuring everyday this can promote an unhealthy behaviour whereby every little change can be dissected and worried over. Measure once a week at the same time of day and it is recommended on your official weigh in day so you know that your body has had a week to adjust to whatever losses you may have and this should give a more accurate reading.

Starting from the beginning

When embarking on a weight loss journey it is important to record your measurements at the start, which will act as a kick-off point to compare with all your successive measurements. Without recording these it can be difficult to gauge just how far you have come and make sure to use a fabric or plastic tape measure, keeping the tape as close to your skin as possible without any indentations on the skin. However, if you have already started your weight loss journey, there is no time like the present to start recording your measurements to help give you a guide to how you are progressing.

How To Take Body Measurements

  • Bust/Chest - All the way around your bust and back
  • Waist - Narrowest point width-wise, usually above belly button
  • Hips - Widest part of hipbones
  • Thighs - Fullest part of upper leg standing
  • Calves - Around fullest part
  • Upper Arm - Above elbows around fullest part
  • Forearms - Below elbows around fullest part
Diagram of measurements locations

The Scales Do Not Determine Your Story

By logging your losses in more ways than one you will have a more overall view of what is happening to your body during your journey and also you will start to learn how your body works and where it burns fat from first. This will give you an opportunity once started to look at incorporating light strength training if you want to put some emphasis on toning your body or targeting specific areas.

Scales Are Not Always Accurate

If you choose to incorporate some light to moderate exercise into your plan which may include toning or some light strength training you may be getting stronger and adding muscle but the scales may not be changing. If you only have your scales as a way to measure your success you may feel demoralized at the slow progress you are making. If however, you are tracking your body changes you will realise that you are still making advances. When people incorporate exercise into a diet programme you may find that your body fat percentage can fall but your weight can go up as you get towards your goal, which is due to muscle being denser than fat; which shows that indeed the scales are not always a true measure of how you are progressing.

Log Everything

If you are determined to make changes to your life and lose the weight it is an excellent motivator to log everything including weekly weigh-in schedule, all measurements and even a weekly/monthly photograph to look back and compare and also to help propel you forward to reaching your own personal weight loss goals. There is also a colouring in pie chart of weight loss progress to pin somewhere you will see every day as an extra boost to visually see exactly how much weight lost.

Slim & Save Colouring Wheel

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It can be very daunting and scary when you first see your measurements but remember that this is merely the start of your journey and as the weeks go by you should begin to see the fruits of your hard work and the feelings of pride in yourself will be immense. Even those who have already embarked on their journey can still measure to track their progress as this can be a wonderful and rewarding way to watch your body change.

Written by Debbie Moore, Slim & Save Customer Care Department.

Comments on Measurements Matter
Jennifer Goodall 28/03/2017 08:41
Really useful on how to measure correctly I know that this is something that many people are unsure of how to do this.
Jo B 09/11/2015 13:58
Fab article - I have to admit to being a daily weigher, but I use the Aria scales so dont take much notice of what they say, just check the graph on Fitbit now and again to make sure its heading in the right direction - Loving the weight loss wheel, and agree about measurements, checked mine after the first week and lost over 24cm!
Shelagh Hoornaert 21/10/2015 14:38
Great article!

I find measuring weekly helps me keep on track. It keeps me motivated to keep going. I find that my inch loss gives me an indication how my body shape it changing ( for the better! ) On the occasions where my weight loss is not what I hoped for, measurements gives me a clear indication that I am on my way to achieve my weight loss goals!
Kerry Hodge 21/10/2015 14:34
If I am ever feeling a bit down about 'only a pound' I look at my pile of 'small' clothes and try them on again. Invariably I will be able to put at least one item back in my wardrobe to wear again! Getting smaller in inches is more rewarding to me than seeing smaller numbers on the scale! :-)
Margaret Larter 21/10/2015 14:21
As a slow loser I can easily become demoralised. On my no loss weeks I use a narrow flexible soft belt, which I've attached markers to. These show my waist measurements (I'm an apple and it shows most there). I can easily see if my waist has become smaller the weeks my weight stays the same and this helps me keep going. My tip is to always check your measurements the weeks you don't lose weight you often lose cm! M
lara johnson 21/10/2015 13:51
I have been making notes now for a few months on inch's especially bust, waist and hips. I got into a pair of jeans the other day, then realised that I hadn't undone them and I need a belt for them to stay up. I'm feeling much more confident and I'm getting noticed for the right reasons.
Bex taylor 21/10/2015 13:42
I'm one of those daily weighers lol I know I shouldn't but to keep me motivated I need to see those scales going down. I measured for about the first month but it never seemed to change even though I was fitting in clothes I hadn't seen for years. I presumed I was doing it wrong but couldn't find ( was to embarrassed to ask) how to do it! So thanks for that I'll try again with renewed vigour lol
Amy Duff 21/10/2015 07:10
Excellent read! Me and my mum are losing weight and slimming down together and I am constantly having to tell her not to weigh herself every day! Great tips in this article and absolutely love the colouring wheel :) thank you Debbie Moore for this informative, encouraging and inspiring post!!
Michael McCluskey 20/10/2015 19:13
Great read, with good information, I feel that the frequency of weighing yourself should be weekly this way it gives you the opportunity to make adjustments progressively with your calorie intake. You can tell by your clothes when they become tight. But keeping a monthly measurement helps you track and prevent falling back to where we all don't want to be being overweight, and to live a healthier lifestyle.

The trackers on the site are a great place to keep a track of your lifestyle
But most important don't become obsessed with the tape or the scales
Be Happy :)
Veronica Daley 20/10/2015 17:56
Great article Debbie ! I was one of those people a few weeks ago who was moaning that weight loss was slow one week - I was encouraged by the forum to measure my self Omg what a shock!! I had lost 8 inches all over!

Today I brought a new coat for winter one size down! Wow! I never thought that would ever happen to me ! Looking toward to going down another size before Xmas! Slim n Save has really improved by life for the better! The feel good factor is all over me! Family and friends have began noticing now! Basically nothing feels as good as being slim - nothing ! Good luck to all on this wonderful journey! Thanks Slim n Save - finally something that works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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