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My Supermarket Shopping Suggestions

shopping with a shopping listSupermarket shopping gives me nightmares! All the hustle and bustle of weekend shopping and its not much easier on an evening after work either. Everyone is scrambling for the latest reduced items and to top it off the supermarket has had another move around and I cannot find the new locations of the items I need.

Does this sound familiar? If so, read on. After various stressful shopping trips I decided to try shopping online, but found that getting fresh produce was a bit hit and miss and it always seemed like I only got a couple of days before it went out of date. Then there was the delivery charge - so I gave up on that option too.

I sat and thought about how I could make my supermarket shopping experience as painless as possible and here are my personal top tips on having a successful hassle free supermarket shop.

  • Make a list before you go shopping. Yes I know this seems like doing the obvious but not everyone does it. I found that by looking through my cupboards, fridge and freezer I was more aware of what I actually needed to buy and not guessing what I thought I needed.
  • Eat before you shop. Shopping on an empty stomach only increases temptation to add non-essentials that you don’t need or items that are not on plan.
  • If your other half or children go shopping with you and tend to go a bit wild adding lots of extra’s into your trolley, be firm. Make them stick to the list or alternatively leave them at home whilst you go shopping.
  • If your local supermarket has had a change around use the signage hanging from the ceiling to direct you to the aisles that you need. This will prevent you from walking down all the aisles and again will help you avoid the temptation of those off plan foods.

By following these simple tips hopefully you will have a stress free shopping trip, avoid temptation, and perhaps save some money too!

Jennifer GoodallHappy shopping, and don’t forget your bags!

By Jennifer Goodall, Customer Care Advisor

Comments on My Supermarket Shopping Suggestions
Jackie Clark 09/04/2017 11:51
I am quite a fan of farm shops or a veg box scheme for my veg and only use online shopping to get my protein and household sundries delivered. I found getting a veg box delivered forced me to try different veg and also experiment a lot more. My local scheme you can specify which veg you don't like so no potatoes or parsnips and I quite enjoy the excitement on a Thursday of seeing what I've got to work with this week. If there's ever any left by the following week I just throw it in a pot with some stock and make some sort of veg soup which I find handy for emergency hunger moments. I also find my veg lasts a lot longer as it's straight frorm the ground to my door.
Janet Palmer 08/04/2017 21:21
Eating before you shop is a huge one for me. I know my weakness is to cave when I'm hungry and grab something quick, easy and more often than not bad for you!

And sadly I often don't stop there but almost make it a sweep of bad items finding tbeor way into my trolley!

I never use the signage but my supermarket has recently had a change so I will take this tack from now on to avoid those pesky impluse bad buys!

Another thing I've found useful carrying water with me to starve off those fake hunger pangs!
Jemma Playfair 08/04/2017 09:25
I totally agree with these tips! I always have a pint of water before shopping so never feel hungry!

Another one I do is I take money out the bank and leave my bank card at home or in the car. That way I stick to my list and don't have enough funds to deviate away from the list. I have found this keeps me focused, helps me save money and I don't come home with any sneaky treats! Haha!

Fantastic article Jennifer! :) xx
Carolann taggart 07/04/2017 20:23
Great ideas there. I'm one of the lucky ones though. My hubby does his own shopping when I'm on plan. He gets all his goodies in so I don't even need to see them. I nip to the supermarket at night and pick up what I need for on plan. I have it all written down so I'm not tempted to buy extras and know exactly what I need for that week. And if I'm really good I nip upstairs and buy myself something nice in the clothes bit or a nice bit of costume jewellery
Nicola Griffiths 07/04/2017 19:37
Given my hubby is doing Slim & Save simply to support me (admittedly he does need to lose weight too), so he's on board going round the supermarket. I like the list idea, I'm forever guessing and getting it wrong. Perhaps that's why I ended up with 3 tubes of tomato paste (before I started this diet I hasten to add).
Jennifer Goodall 06/04/2017 18:57
I am loving all the tips that everyone is sharing on their shopping experiences!

In answer to Laura Harding it is a tough one when you work with food all day long so I can understand your temptation. Perhaps take a look at the new seasonal food that is a healthy option such as veg and have a look at our recipes page which you can find at and how the new seasonal veg could work in with some of these fantastic recipes. Maybe talk about these types of recipes during your working day too.

When you are at work don't forget to make sure that you space out your packs to every 3 to 4 hours as I know when working it is so easy to forget to eat and this will certainly help combat the hunger.

Try and train your mind to think about what the unhealthy food does to your body such as increase in blood pressure, higher risk of diabetes and the pressure the added weight puts on your joints and muscles whenever you feel the temptation so that it puts you off that type of food more. Yes this will take time and it is little steps but you will get there. Keep positive.
Karen McCulloch 06/04/2017 18:03
The shopping tips are fab! I always used to shop straight from work, now thats changed and sometimes I do an online shop just to avoid temptation. I love the tip about the signage when they have a change around! I'll certainly be using that one!
Jan Paine 06/04/2017 09:17
Very good tips, and they make you think so you come up with your own.
For example, as well as writing a list, plan your meals ahead and have a copy of the ingredients for your favourites with you; that way if you see offers on things allowed on plan but not on your list for that day/week you can buy them and adjust your meal plans whilst taking advantage of the savings.

I also like the advice to eat before you go but if that isn't possible take a bar with you (I always keep one with me) then if you're out longer than anticipated or just get hungry you can nibble on that.
My favourite tip from the article though is to leave everyone else behind if you can, or brief them before you go which gives them no excuse to put extra things in - you can even get them to make sure you don't do it either!
If you do shop online as I do (some places have lower delivery charges depending on what time you have your delivery) it's helpful that you can amend what you've chosen so if you do go a bit mad you can repent and remove offending items before it's too late!
Halina Johnson 06/04/2017 08:09
These are all brilliant suggestions! I do follow most of them already - we always keep a notepad handy in the kitchen to write down the items we run out of, and at the end of the week I use that as the basis for the shopping list. We either shop in Aldi or order from Ocado if feeling lazy, so always stick to some sort of list. And yep, I definitely make sure to go shopping on a full's SO easy to pick things up at whim if you're hungry! And we always generally avoid the sweets/crisps/snacks sections, because it's just depressing walking down those and thinking about how much you WANT them but resisting. However, I'm definitely guilty of giving in to my son's requests too easily. I do say "no" to him a lot - he's used to being disappointed after picking up chocolate - but sometimes I'm happy to let him put a pack of e.g. mini muffins in the trolley. To be honest though, the things he tends to ask for the most are fruits and vegetables, so I can't complain too much about him!

Something I've also found that is a great way to shop is to go at a time when there won't be many people, to remove the stress. I know this isn't possible for everyone, especially those in full-time employment, so in that case I also suggest perhaps investing in some sort of smart pass for online stores. Yep, the fresh produce can sometimes be a bit hit-and-miss, especially when it comes to dates, but I've found Ocado to be best for this overall and they do very reasonable rates for delivery subscriptions. We actually got ours on offer free for 6 months - free delivery for 6 months! What a treat, haha.

Thanks for this!
Laura Harding 05/04/2017 22:06
I work on an Aldi checkout, the temptation is rubbed in my face all day. I'm known for giving out recipe ideas so all I talk about all day is food. Any ideas on resisting all the new season foods? X

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