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Reiki energy healing for balancing our relationship with food!

What is Reiki?

The following reference is taken from The Reiki Association. Reiki pronounced (ray-key), it is Japanese for life force energy. Reiki is not linked to any religious practice. There are no known side effects. It is also a used to describe a system of natural energy healing.

Reiki is used to balance and correct the heart & mind, keeping the body healthy and create a happy life using life force energy humans were born with, however this energy can become supressed due to many factors we experience, think or feel.

We live in a world where energy nourishes and maintains all living things. When we have a balance with this energy, harmony and wellbeing are experienced. Reiki helps balance mental, physical and emotional in-balance. Reiki is beneficial to physical, emotional and mental illnesses, such as depression, fatigue, chronic pain, and anxiety. It is safe and effective.

How does Reiki work with our body and mind?

As humans we have experiences throughout life that can leave us with negative energetic memory, this results in energy blockages leading onto physical, mental and emotional stress. Low self-worth, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence can be some of the emotional and mental areas we feel and live with on a daily basis. We can hang onto dense energy for too long, we don’t know how to let it flow. Reiki energy healing can help release such blockages.

The human body & food connection.

The human body is made of chemical elements, we need chemistry for the function of our body to keep us alive. For instance, the heart, lungs and cells, require energy to function, and where do we get this energy? Mainly from the food we eat. When we think about food, it is our nourishment and essential for the upkeep of our body. Yet a lot of people struggle with this concept and have an un-balanced relationship with it. I do believe, my opinion, that a lack of education and understanding play a part in this, as the media confuse and complicate what we should eat. However other factors such as, genetics, culture, and our environment also contribute.

How does energy play its part with food and wellbeing?

Everything is energy, even our thoughts are energy. How many times have you eaten a cake or treat and punished yourself about it? This then sends a dense energetic signal to your body, dense energy blocks and slows down our positive life force energy, which then over time creates physical in-balance on our wellbeing mind & body. There is a lot of research available on the gut / brain connection. It’s said that we have 2 brains, one in our gut and our head. Food for thought, if you pardon the pun. Maybe a topic for later?

If you think in terms that food is “good” nourishment and essential for your body you may have different ideas about how you think about food. Now this means that you have to be sensible, eating fish & chips 7 days a week is not “good nourishment”, however, everything in moderation is responsible. So, if your being responsible when you have a treat, tell yourself that! You will enjoy it a lot more. With this in mind, whilst on Slim & Save you can be assured that you are providing your body with enough nourishment, vitamins and minerals for healthy effective weight loss. Then once maintaining, you can carry on the “good nourishment” concept to keep the weight off.

Reiki & Weight loss.

There is no scientific research suggesting Reiki is directly linked with weight loss, however the effects of balancing the body and mind can have a huge impact on our general wellbeing for the examples given above. The overall energetic balance you have with yourself is the biggest, most valuable gift you possess, and I say you as its “you” that takes responsibility for what you eat and how you think and feel about the choices you make.

I hope my explanation and passion for energy has been helpful. The benefits of viewing our bodies holistically is fascinating and very beneficial. Please feel free to comment below and if you would like further guidance or direction to any area mentioned.

There are many ways you can access Reiki healing, including online with the current lockdown. Why not give it a go?

Thank you

Sue Westwood BSc (Nutrition & Health Science) & Reiki Master Practitioner.

Have you ever tried Reiki?

Have you tried or considered Reiki as a way to get your mind and body working together? Leave your comments below to be in with a chance of wining £10 in points. Our favourite three comments will be chosen on Friday 26th March at 4pm!

Comments on Reiki energy healing for balancing our relationship with food!
Tracey Scofield 26/03/2021 12:28
A very interesting and thought provoking read. I've never tried Reiki and with my worries about my body image I'm very reluctant to try anything like that but somehow, feeling like I'm in control of losing weight for the first time in years it's something to consider. I suffer with my mental health and I believe I that I used to try and make myself feel better with high sugar foods but then falling into that constant depressing never ending circle of guilt and then eating to feel better. If you don't have that guilt and negative energy that cycle could be broken. I'm also wondering if it may help us to fall pregnant as stress and negativity is not helpful in that process. Something definitely worth looking into.
Kayleigh Hannan 26/03/2021 12:04
This is so interesting, I’ve tried reiki once before but not to connect with weight loss. Will definitely look further in to this. Thanks for sharing
Nicola M 26/03/2021 12:00
I suffer from anxiety. I’m pretty much a nervous wreck a lot of the time!
It can be anything from an email in my inbox that I haven’t replied to straight away, or knowing I have a text on my phone and I can’t reply right away or from worrying about my kids. I’m pretty much a nightmare! (I really feel for my husband). My husband should be a Reiki Master! He calms me down every time I panic.
My big sister practices Reiki. I was her Guinea Pig when she was in training. I have to say, Reiki is amazing. Something I was sceptical about but it really does work. My sister has sent me Reiki online whilst we have been in lockdown. I’ve struggled not being with my family and I don’t shout for help as much as I should.
I’m a big believer in giving everything a try, it might be life changing so you need to give it a bash!
Laura Brown 26/03/2021 11:49
I totally agree that anything to help with losing weight is a bonus. Thanks for the informative blog, I think I am willing to give this a go. Healthy mindset, healthy body, healthy me. I am determined that 2021 will be my year to succeed and reach my ideal weight of nine and a half stone and be happy.
Ceri Bosley 26/03/2021 10:29
I’m willing to give anything a go. I’ve heard of Reiki helping to clear emotional blockages or release energy. Any support to help people stop beating themselves up for being overweight is great news by me
Kate Apperley 26/03/2021 07:15
I've read this blog a few times, its clearly connected with me. Especially the bit about the body having two brains - one for our gut and one for our head!
Lockdown has made me re-evaluate lots of things and looking after myself has been a top priority- hence my sns journey.
After lockdown and furlough this is definitely some I would like to try ,especially as after lockdown when I'm back in the office scone o'clock will be a temptation I want to avoid.
Sarah Jane Taylor 25/03/2021 15:33
I found this article really useful, thanks so much for sharing. Reiki healing is not something that I've come across before and after reading this article my interest in definitely piqued!

I suffer from chronic pain due to my fibromyalgia, coupled with the fact that I have a massive interest in the balance between body and mind and that there might also be a benefit to weight loss then I'm all in!

I'd absolutely like to find out more about reiki healers - super interested to find out more about online healers!
Sarah Jane Taylor 25/03/2021 13:51
Reiki healing is something that I've not considered previously but after reading the article my interest to learning more this approach has definitely been piqued!

I experience chronic pain due to my fibromyalgia, so this form of healing is really thought provoking. Tied this in with it having a positive impact on weight loss and emotions.....I'm all in!! I love the idea of balancing mind and body, this ties in with me learning NLP too.

I'm off to google local reiki healers and hoping that I can get booked in once lockdown exciting!
Helen B 25/03/2021 11:09
I’ve not tried Reiki, although my father was a practitioner of it for dogs. It is something I’ve considered though and maybe right now with my mental health struggling a little is the time to look into it. I’m a firm believer that to lose weight you need to be in the right frame of mind so anything that helps me achieve that is good in my book. So thank you for the informative post, I will definitely do more than just consider it
Samantha Gee 25/03/2021 10:40
Wow - I've never considered reiki or any alternative therapies for weight loss. I suffered terribly with sciatica in one of my pregnancies and although very sceptical, I was so desperate that I tried acupuncture................ and OMG was I surprised? Totally cured my sciatica which had literally caused me to be immobile for weeks! It certainly opened my mind and if I had the money, I would definitely try reiki after reading this! :-)

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