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Sharon, my Slim & Save story so far…

I have struggled at times as you know but I actually enjoy most of the Slim & Save products and miss them when I don't have them. My family have been really supportive although my parents often ask if I want something to eat and when I say no, mum will say “Oh yes you don't eat do you and say surely you can have something little, it won't make any difference”. I have explained that I do eat and if I was to have something it will make a huge difference to my diet both in weight and in my brain as one thing leads to another.

I have gone from a size 34/36 and now I am in a size 24, but I have to convince myself of that! Lol! My hubby is like that little nagging thought in my ear, if I am looking at clothes he is there saying you are not that size anymore go for smaller. I swear he reads my mind when it comes to bad foods he says no “Your not having it you don't need it”, and I know he is right but I do push him and he doesn't give in which is just what I need, he is a huge support to me.

My motivation comes from thinking about how much my life has changed in the past 7 months and it has changed a lot, so I imagine how it's going to be when I get to goal. This and the support of the Slim & Save staff, and our Facebook group, everyone in the group are so kind. It amazes me that even though they are on their own journey's and have their own issues they take time to leave messages of support, I don't know if I would have got this far without the words of support or advice they you all give me. Seeing how well someone is doing and seeing those who have reached their goal truly inspire me.

Sharon Brookes Diabetes Success StoryMy health has changed so much for the better. I can walk around the house and I can climb the stairs using both feet and not one foot at a time. I have come off of insulin completely which means I no longer have to inject 5 times a day. My blood pressure and cholesterol are good and the doctors are saying at some point when I get nearer to my goal they may well have to stop the medication for blood pressure and cholesterol.

My clothes are so big I am constantly pulling them up lol. When we are out I use a wheelchair that is so much smaller and lighter than the one I had to have before. However, now the problem is my hubby, as he gets carried away because when I was at my heaviest (24st 5lb) he would be almost laying down to push me and now we can be going along and he will forget I am lighter and still uses the force he had to before, and several times he has almost tipped me out of my chair!

The reason I started this diet was to try and change my life, to do things for myself, to have a longer life because I was on a downwards slope, I really had given up on life. Now I am getting healthier and although the diabetes and the liver sclerosis will never go, I can keep them at the stage they are in. The liver sclerosis happened because of being so over weight and because of the diabetes and the Meds I have been on over time, but because I am losing weight my liver is now holding its own. So I can look forward to having a longer life, and spending more time with my family and friends.

My goals were to live longer and I am going in the right direction now. The next goal was to be able to buy clothes in ordinary shops and not have to pay double the price in the plus size shops, I am getting there. Another goal is as many overweight people will know, every time something goes wrong with our health the first thing the doctors say is its because of your weight regardless of what is wrong. I have chronic psoriasis and the consultant has often said it's because I am over weight now when I see him next I wonder what he will say.

I want to lose another 8st and with Slim & Save I know I will do it. It will take time and no doubt there will be times that I will have a blip but that's OK. The trick is that I have found, is to be honest to yourself and those around you, if I have a blip I don't hide it and I get straight back on plan. I knew when I started that it was going to be a long road and that there will be bumps along the way. I found it hard but two ladies Joanne Jones and Jackie Clark in particular, told me that I had to forgive myself when I mess up and to draw a line under it and get straight back on plan and they are absolutely right, and that's what keeps me going too.

Sharon Brookes

Comments on Sharon, my Slim & Save story so far…
Jennifer Goodall 28/03/2017 08:31
Such a inspirational journey well done
Juliette cox 28/12/2016 12:03
Well done your amazing,and I can relate to everything you are starting this again,I'm nearly 52 health problems have come all at once it seems,now classed as type 2 diabetic,so I want to get this off and see my grandkids grow up...I'm 5.8 and 22.8. So I need to lose at least 10 stone.its gonna be hard.but I have to do it.we can all encourage each other....well done you again x x
Janice Jones-Griffiths 19/12/2016 20:35
This is a great post Sharon as you admit not to being perfect at times but you still keep going. One of my problems has been that if I don't follow the plan perfectly then I will give up. I am getting Christmas out the way and I have made myself a promise to follow the plane in the new year.
Thank you for sharing your story. It is truly inspiring
Sharon Brookes 17/12/2016 00:26
Sarah I am type 2 diabetic it would be brilliant for your friend I honestly didn't realise how ill I felt because it became the norm for me then when I started slim and save I realised... Slim and save is amazing and to me it's saving me by helping me to get slim and making my life worth living for xx
Christine Goulding 16/12/2016 13:31
Fantastic. Your journey is so inspirational thank you for letting us see how far you have come.
Lizzie Beuden 15/12/2016 15:48
you are such an inspiration Sharon and I am really enjoying catching up with where you are now.

Keep up the great work.
James Edwards 15/12/2016 09:38
you look great, keep going xxx
Esther Buaben 15/12/2016 09:36
Well done Sharon, you look fabulous. You're an inspiration. Keep focus on the goal.
sara webb 14/12/2016 20:19
a lot of your goals are mine, can i ask how tall you are? were you type 1 or type 2, i am asking for a friend who is type 2 and i want to encourage her. I am still blown away by the change in your photos, and if that is a size 24 dress it certainly dosnt look like it. Your hubby sounds like a rock, well done him. All the best for xmas x
Hannah 14/12/2016 17:56
I'm so very proud of my mum she is doing amazing! She looks amazing and I know she feels it too, my whole family are so so proud of her. We love you mum xx

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