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Starting a New Year with Slim & Save

2015 is approaching fast and, as well as Christmas, your thoughts might be turning to New Year’s Resolutions.

On January 1st 2015 some 20 million people in the UK* will resolve to lose weight, drop a dress size, shape up or get fit.

At Slim & Save we believe that New Year is a great time to consider a weight-loss journey and ‘Healthy Life Plan’.  On New Year’s Day, we want you to have the confidence and the knowledge of how to create some goals that you can really achieve.

This January 1st, millions of people will start their quest to give up vices like chocolate or smoking. Millions more will take a long look at their relationships, finances, jobs and habits. However, how many people will actually do something positive to change them? Even if they plan to make a change, according to the BBC by February 15th most people will have started smoking again or have cancelled their gym membership and gone back to their old ways.

This feature explores how 2015 can really be a new beginning. If you are considering New Year’s Resolutions then a Healthy Life Plan may be an interesting option. A Life Plan can increase the likelihood that your desire for change will actually translate into positive, permanent, change.

What are New Year’s Resolutions and Life Plans all about?

Over the years, if you’ve ever made a New Year’s Resolution, chances are you’ve also broken one – or two! Why then are New Year’s Resolutions so easy to break? Some people think that New Year’s Resolutions are negative because they usually mean deprivation – i.e. something you have to stop doing or something you have to give up e.g. smoking, chocolate etc.

At Slim & Save we believe that Life Plans are positive. They are not about giving up; they are about starting something new, like starting a weight-loss journey with Slim & Save. Life Plans are about making some simple, small changes to enhance your life for the better.

How to Set Realistic Goals for Weight-loss and Life in General

Whatever you want to change or achieve, you must first set goals. Probably the most common goal is the wish to improve yourself somehow e.g.:

  1. To improve your physical image (e.g. lose weight)
  2. To improve yourself psychologically, emotionally or mentally
  3. To improve your status (e.g. job/financial/house/friends)

If you can develop a Life Plan then you can work on a path to reach your goals. If you have time now then maybe grab a pen and paper and jot down what you would like to change about yourself…….

The next part of your plan should be the timescale that you want to make your change e.g. within one year or by 2020 etc.

How Slim & Save Fits Into Your Plans

Slim & Save has been developed by weight-loss experts to fit in with your life. Whether you are in full-time work, a home-maker, part-time, shift worker or retired, Slim & Save works particularly well if weight-loss is part of your Life Plan.

Comprising nutritionally balanced Very Low Calorie plans, Slim & Save can help you make practical lifestyle changes. What’s more, we are here not only to help you lose weight but also to help you reassess your future approach to food. By making small, simple changes and sticking to them, you can completely change your life. And we’ll be with you, every step of the way.

The Slim & Save VLCD has been devised to help you develop a healthy relationship with food, freeing you to achieve the body, as well as the confidence, that you desire – and deserve! We can help you get there – and help you stay there. Not only are the Lifestyle and Simplicity plans nutritionally balanced, but they also give you much more flexibility and choice than other weight loss options, making it easy to fit into your everyday life. We even have an easy to use Weight Tracker, Meal Planner, Slim & Save forums and Customer Support sections on our website.

Louise Resolved to Lose Weight with Slim & Save

One Christmas Louise decided to begin a weight-loss journey with Slim & Save. She successfully lost 111lbs and went from a BMI of 41 to a healthy BMI of 24.

Louse was upset at Christmas when she couldn’t buy nice clothes anywhere. At 5ft 4 being a size 20/22 she made the choice that she had to do something positive in the New Year.

Louise’s husband was incredibly supportive and Louise loved the cost, convenience and flexibility of Slim & Save. Louise said, “I didn’t need expensive counseling sessions to tell me I love eating. I love the fact it is all sorted out online. The staff, the forum and the Facebook page have been fantastic for me, any questions have been easily reconciled.”

Read more about Louise here.

Top Five Tips for Setting Realistic Resolutions

Whatever your goals, here are our tried and tested Top Five Tips:

  1. Always make your goals realistic AND achievable.
  2. Map out your journey in a series of steps e.g. month one, month two or size 22, size 20 etc.
  3. Work out your roadmap (action items) that will help you achieve your goals. Consider your time limit to achieve your goal e.g. one year, six months etc.
  4. Know where to go for help and support (e.g. Slim & Save forum, G.P. etc).
  5. Approximately half way through your journey reassess your progress and if changes need to be made – make them.

*according to the BBC

Comments on Starting a New Year with Slim & Save
MatthewLef 02/03/2018 13:02
Good post, I enjoyed it a lot.I was very lucky to find your website. It has a lot of useful info!
ImledMut 12/02/2017 13:27
fully motivated though not new year its the right time for me
Cheryl 19/12/2016 15:51
great article with some brilliant ideas in it! x
Ann Stonehouse 21/01/2015 11:53
hi I am on the right track I have lost 12 lb in three weeks. Thanks to slim and save. Am going to a wedding in May and everyone is so slim I had to do something. I have lost 5 St before on a different vlc diet but the shakes and meals were so limited not like the vast choice we have now with slim and. Save I did put 4stone back on but all my fault eating wrong choices. I'm looking at what type of dress I could where and there is so much choice out there in smaller sizes I'm so looking forward to treat myself. thankyou for all the hints and support I get when I go to the office to pick up my parcel.
Vicky Stabler 09/01/2015 13:21
Slim and Save is an extremely delicious way to lose weight, with so many meals to choose from, and an incredible amount of diversity to keep your taste buds entertained. There are shakes, bars, soups, porridge and meals to choose from and each can be used in so many ways that you will never be bored.
There is an incredible 24 hour support network from admin and other Slim and Savers who will be there to support you all the way through your weight loss adventure. And you don't have to physically go to a group and be weighed, you can do all this in the comfort of your own home.
The best part is that this healthy eating regime actually works, just look on the website or even on any of the facebook pages to see results from the thousands of people who have joined. Even once you have hit your goal weight, the support doesn't stop there as the maintenance programme has been expertly developed to ensure that you keep to your ideal weight. I am so impressed with the meals, support, the customer service is phenomenal and I'm getting my slimmer mojo back!!!!
Charlotte Jones 07/01/2015 15:02
After losing three stone on a similar VLCD plan, I aim to lose a further two stone ASAP using Slim & Save because it's such good value for money and so simple to follow. I've stuck to S&S for a few weeks before and found the customer service amazing and you're provided with all the resources you need (support, weight/measurement tracker, meal planner etc.) for free which is an added bonus.

Myself and many others know how good it feels to reach your weight loss goals and be many steps ahead of those that have given up or never even started. I want to look back and see the progress I've made, not look back in regret knowing that a few months of sacrifices could have made me so much happier and more confident in myself. Remember that when you feel like giving up! The first few days are gruelling, and the journey does seem long and slow and you wish you could just eat your favourite foods. But will it not be worth it in the end?

Imagine peoples admiration when they see the new you and make sure your resolution for 2016 isn't the same as 2015! Good luck and best wishes to all, no matter what your dreams are I hope you achieve them.
Sarah Deakin 07/01/2015 11:31
Lost 4.5 stone last year with SNS and have been loving my new figure. Christmas and New Year came and went and yesterday I burned my stomach when I was ironing??? Have you ever done that? My stomach was over the ironing board - ON IT!!! Anyway, clearly I've started to gain weight so I've ordered my next months packs which should be arriving today and am actually looking forward to shifting these pounds again.
Sarah Watts 06/01/2015 18:02
Last March, I turned 50. I was lucky enough to be taken to Paris for the weekend, and we walked and walked. I was exhausted but has a fabulous time and I enjoyed every minute....... until I got home and saw the photos. I knew I was huge, of course I did, but I was in denial. It was just the spur I needed to start me on a new path, aiming for a holiday in August. I'd tried a vlcd before, but it was so expensive, the choices were limited and although I had a weekly meeting with a counsellor I never felt fully supported. Needless to say, even though I lost over 8 stone, I regained almost all of it. Somehow, I heard of Slim and Save, and I decided to give it a shot. I am so very glad I did. I lost almost four and a half stone, I had my August holiday and I've had an amazing Christmas. However, none if this would have happened were it not for the second to none support offered by this excellent team. I've now started the final leg of my personal journey. Slim and Save are still there for me, despite me gaining a bit over recent weeks. There are no recriminations, no blame is dealt, just support and massive encouragement. 2015 will be the year I find the real "Me", Slim and Save will get me there, I simply know it. Thank you for giving me my self esteem, my health and my happiness back. Onwards and downwards!
Kerry Morrison 06/01/2015 11:36
This year will be my year to finally become me!

And with the help of slim and save am so going to achieve that.

In 2013 i dropped a lot of weight with slim and save not to goal though, i was happy with the weight lose and took a break (A long break) . It gave me so much confidence in myself to acheive the weight lose and feeling great and was this did enabled to really start working on my self, with this in mind in 2014 i left an abusive relationship and quit smoking.
With the stop smoking i have put on a bit of weight (Not what i was before)

But i know that this will give me the finally kick to get me to goal. I will get their, through the support on facebook and within myself.
Claire P 06/01/2015 10:48
This is MY year, this is my chance, no more excuses. I will take each day as it comes and with the help of Slim & Save and all the wonderful support of the people I meet on our journeys together, reach my goals and cheer and be inspired when others reach their goals. I will be slimmer, more confident, fitter, healthier, happier and proud of my achievements each and every day and be a role model for my children. This will be the start of a brand new life for us all. Who's with me??

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