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Staying on plan during the lockdown

Since the not unexpected news about the continuation of the lockdown, we hope these tips will help you continue on plan and give you some ideas of how to cope while on plan, now that we have to endure yet another three weeks at home.

We know it can be hard to stay on track while on plan during what is a stressful and uncertain time we currently find ourselves. And that for some your weight loss goals are not the top of your agenda at the minute, but we would strongly encourage you to keep up with your Slim & Save plan!

I know this is easier said than done, right? However, it can be surprisingly easy; there are many simple ways to stay on track, trust me - you know I`m usually right! :p

Just because you and your fridge are now very close, i.e. a few feet away from each other, doesn’t mean that you have to keep saying hello and opening the door to it and taking food out! Ask yourself; am I really hungry or just bored?

It is also essential that you have a routine and maintain a sense of normality. Eat only when it`s mealtime and make sure that you are spacing out your packs every 3-4 hours. It’s a good idea to have plenty of hot or cold drinks in between packs to help take the edge off and keep hydrated.

You also need to hold yourself accountable. While at home self-isolating or working remotely, it can be very easy to become complacent and start grazing. Use your meal planner to account for everything that you are having each day and remember that you do have a 100 calorie buffer so you can have additional vegetables, milk, plain fat-free yoghurt (or some additional protein source on the Lifestyle plan). Why not have a look at the recipe album on the Official Facebook Group for some inspiration.

Keep up with your exercise. There are loads of free online exercise videos suitable on Youtube, and as exercise can help reduce stress, there is never a better time to start. Remember light to moderate aerobic type exercise is fine to do, and you can also use your outdoor time to go for a walk.

Emotional eating is widespread especially right now, so you might turn to food for comfort, but in doing so, you can start that road of overeating and go back to your old habits :/ Use the Facebook Group or Live Chat for some additional support, or call a friend who always makes you feel happy. We all know that once we have eaten that bag of crisps, a plate of chips or block of chocolate that we will feel ten times worse than we did before.

Take up a hobby. Being asked to stay inside and self-isolate can trigger feelings of restlessness and boredom, and this can lead to eating the wrong foods. So now is the ideal time to pick up a new hobby or continue with a firm favourite. Why not learn a new language for that holiday later on in the year, or try a free online course.

And don`t forget about sleep. Sleep is a vitally important part of your journey; your body needs to rest so that it can function correctly. A good nights sleep helps control the hunger hormones making it a little easier the following day. Take time to wind down at the end of the day, have a nice warm bath, or enjoy a hot chocolate shake to help you relax.

I hope that these tips help, and please feel free to share what you are doing to help alleviate your emotional eating.

Please keep safe and well! Lots of love Jo x

Joanne JonesWant to win £10 of points? Tell us how you are getting through lockdown! Our favourite three comments will be chosen on Friday 24th April 2020 at 4 pm! All three will receive £10 in points each.

By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor

Comments on Staying on plan during the lockdown
Sarah Taylor 08/05/2021 13:59
Lockdown has been tough for me, during LD1 I didn’t lose any weight but in the plus side managed to maintain; then went wild in the summer months when everything opened up again and gained 2 stone; lost that 2 stone during the next lockdown; then had a break for Christmas and gained 2 stone. Fast forward to now and I’m at my lowest weight loss and aiming to be at my target weight by the beginning of June. My top tips are:

Take one day at a time
Remember your why…why did you start SnS, why did you want to lose weight?
Set yourself goals and milestones
Reward yourself when you achieve goals or milestones
Take photos, and look back on these
Regularly take your measurements so you know how many inches you’ve dropped
Drink your water allowance every day
Have your allowable extras when you need them
Switch to a lifestyle day if you need a change
Save your favourite packs for the weekend
Practice self care: exercise, meditate, keep a journal and practice gratitudes and positive affirmations
Post on the group if you’re struggling
Remember you’ve got this

These tips have got my through January to date and I’m looking forward to seeing people abs showing off my weight loss!
Alison H 26/07/2020 07:48
Well this will be my 4th SnS diet plan...!! The 1st time being after having my son 3 yrs ago when I lost 4 stone
Rosemary Williams 03/05/2020 08:56
Whilst I am retired I have found that I do have a lot more time to do the things I enjoy and I am a lot less stressed. I normally spend a lot of time either caring for my 93-year-old mum or my granddaughters. I have been unable to do this in lockdown. I also usually meet up a lot with old friends or work colleagues and this usually involves food- coffee and cake or lunch. Special occasions usually involve a meal out in a restaurant for us- our wedding anniversary and my birthday have both been in the lockdown period. So in a way, it has been the perfect time to start slim and save and do everything differently. Special occasion days have been lifestyle days for me so I can eat roughly what the others are eating but the rest of the time I've been doing simplicity, which is really just that, keeping it simple and just relying on s&s meals. I have made so many flowers in sugarcraft that I haven't ever had time to do, such as wisterias and orchids and this has whiled away the hours and stopped me thinking about food. I have been lucky that my eldest daughter, who is a teacher, decided to come back and live with us for the lockdown period and bring her cats to visit providing some more distractions!. I do really miss hugging my youngest daughter and her 2 daughters though but when I do finally get that hug she will be able to get her arms further around me- 23 lbs down since 18 March so far and counting. .. good luck to everyone on their different journeys through hardships. I always remember my Dad, who would have been 100 years old this year, saying to me ' Count your blessings' which at this awful time I do every day- Take care of yourselves x
Rachel holdsworth 24/04/2020 16:22
It's not been too bad for me.with underlying health conditions I have been self-isolating since end March. As I don't have the temptations at work I have been able to get my head back in the zone.
When I'm peckish I do my hour exercise and go for a walk.
I have also discovered that rhubarb juice in water is divine and gets my water down me.
The main motivation for me is when I finally get back to work I will walk through the office to wow look at you.
Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor 24/04/2020 14:39
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my Blog and to also comment!
Jacqueline Fowler 24/04/2020 12:07
We’re all dealing with lockdown the best we can. Be kind to ourselves. I’m trying to stay on plan I was doing well then something happens and bang! A poor very close family member passed away suddenly and unexpectedly with a heart condition he never knew he had. Left a massive hole in our family. This has floored me and I did come off plan last week. I am an emotional eater. Back on plan now and trying my best to be focussed. I will do this for myself and my health and also my family. Be the best you can be.
Liss Forder 24/04/2020 10:07
Slim n Save
keeps us
Safe n Sound
as weight goes down we are
Slimmer n Safer ❤️
What a motivator!
Emily Ellis. 24/04/2020 09:09
Lockdown for me is a strange one. I still have to go to work as I’m a key worker but obviously that is the only time I leave the house.
My husband and sons aged 7 and 4 are at home on lockdown permanently though.
The way I’m getting through this is number one - trying to stay in a good routine. Still getting washed, dressed and ready each day along with my boys.
Planning out my meals to go alongside my family so we can all sit down together at the table. The kids don’t even notice mum has slightly different things on her plate!
When they all have a treat, I’ll have a bar or a brownie so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.
I also limit the amount of Coronavirus things I watch and read. I was noticing my anxiety was getting higher every day and this was leading to binge urges. As soon as I limited it, I noticed a massive change in my anxiety level/binge urges. So I now distract myself by looking after myself along side my family and prioritise my own self also. I like to do my colouring, reading for pleasure, taking bubble baths, writing my journal.
I’m also trying to take the positive from the situation. I’ve never been able to spend so much concentrated time with my family before and I feel sooo much closer to them. Especially my hubby :) It’s lovely to find out we still like each other after all these years!
Annette Venvil 24/04/2020 06:38
Well I’m feeling a little bit smug! Whilst all my female friends are talking on social media about how they are eating everything in sight from boredom, I’m sitting here 11lbs lighter than I was at the start of lockdown :)
The thought of coming out the other side a slimmer happier self is enough motivation for me. And whilst I may not be writing a novel, or learning a new language, I’ll have achieved a “healthy” BMI which I for one think is something to be immensely proud of!
Maria Johnson 23/04/2020 22:15
My lockdown consists of looking after these three little monkeys ( 3 Kittens) that were born 3 weeks ago, ☺️ 2 gingers called Ronnie and Reggie

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