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Posted on 18 Mar 2015 Views 6004 Comments 16

A S&S Success Poem by Amanda Fogarty

Amanda Fogarty

I've been on so many diets before,
In fact so many Ive now lost score.
I've tried every diet, both old and new,
Weight watchers, slimming world and 5.2.

Slim fast, dukan and south beach diet,
If you can name it, I have tried it.
But I'm a pig, I admit it, it's true,
I'd lose a pound, then put on two.

I'd look in the mirror and hate what I saw,
so feeling depressed, I'd stuff myself more.
I tried Cambridge first, but the price was to high,
so I thought 'slim and save' I'll give that a try.

I placed my first order, I'd nothing to lose,
so many flavours, what should I chose.
The first one I tried was a forest fruit shake,
I nearly puked, I thought what a mistake.

but cookies and cream, I enjoyed every bit,
and toffee and caramel, they were a hit.
and the lemon yoghurt my absolute fave,
so I decided I'd stick with slim and save.

The first days were hard, I have to admit
but on day 3, I peed on a stick.
I know I was naughty so don't give me grief,
but ketosis was here, what a relief.

I no longer felt like I wanted to cry
the hunger was gone, I felt on a high.
I got on the scales the very next day,
again I was naughty, but what can I say.

With all the support, I was never alone
and off came the weight, first a pound then a stone.
I'm feeling so good, I'm now at my goal,
I no longer eat loads, and stuff my cake hole.

I'm a much fitter mum, and a slimmer wife,
thanks slim and save, you changed my life. xxx

Poem by Amanda Fogarty

Comments on A S&S Success Poem by Amanda Fogarty
Lesley Fitchie 07/06/2015 13:25
Well done, poems great too
Magpie 18/04/2015 18:49
Well done with the poem and the weightloss of course!
julie stanforth 28/03/2015 08:26
Fantastic poem, I read it a few days ago and keep coming back to read it again. Well done Amanda xxx
Marcie Murrell 25/03/2015 19:41
Absolutely love it!
Micky 24/03/2015 18:45
Love the hippy gear you look great, the poem aint bad either
Emily Graham King-David 23/03/2015 21:24
Amazing! this resonates with so many of us, you have truly captured the soul of every dieter in here. You're an insightful poet, rock on!
viv cole 23/03/2015 15:05
Absolute classic, never mind peeing on a stick, I nearly peed myself laughing.
Gemma Dean 21/03/2015 08:45
Thanks so much for this, I really laughed when I read it, especially the 'peeing on a stick'. I agree with the comments about the shakes too, really good, well done :)
Debs Parry 19/03/2015 22:29
Love the poem Amanda, and congratulations on getting to your goal!
Michelle Johnson 19/03/2015 13:00
This describes me almost perfectly, except for the bit about being at goal. Really really great poem
Love Michelle x

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