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That’s summer over… Now what?

There are just 14 weekends until Christmas… YIKES ! Yes, summer 2014 is over and the nights are already drawing in.

If you were lucky enough to have a break this summer it’s probably just a happy memory and your tan has no doubt faded too.

You may be thinking about weight-loss and Slim & Save is the ideal place to start, so read on.

Maybe you want to lose weight specifically for Christmas, you might want to lose a few pounds gained over the summer, or you might already be on your weight-loss journey and just need some encouragement.

This feature is about how to make positive changes to your lifestyle that will hopefully last a lifetime.

The future ’s bright

There’s no doubt that this year’s summer was like summers used to be: long, hot sunny days with only an occasional sprinkling of rain. If you travelled abroad (lucky you), you probably had wall-to-wall sunshine, maybe sea and sand too. Now the kids are back at school and the countdown to Christmas has started (yes, the first mince pies are in the shops already). You probably want to get back on track with your weight-loss so don’t put it off and stay in summer mode for too long.

Have a think about what you could do to help yourself with your Slim & Save journey. Check out the saying “if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”: meaning that if you never change anything then nothing will ever change. However, we can help you evaluate how to make some positive lifestyle adjustments.

PMA – Positive Mental Attitude

Once you have put your suitcases away and packed your summer clothes in the closet don’t let the thought of winter get you down.

Make Mondays Fundays. Every Monday focus on the good things that have happened to you in the past seven days. Having a positive outlook on life is positively good for you. There is no reason why your glass can’t be permanently half full.

Be like Mandy

Mandy Blake chose Slim & Save when she decided to make some positive changes before she turned 50. After just 25 weeks on the plan Mandy had lost over five stones and dropped five dress sizes. Slim & Save gave Mandy the freedom to make some significant changes in her life because she didn’t have to worry about cooking or calorie counting on our Total Food Replacement Plan. Her weight-loss gave her the confidence to change things in her life. Read more about Mandy here.

Dream it, believe it, work for it, achieve it

On a weight-loss journey you need two things: focus and motivation. Every person on this planet has only 24 hours in a day. Considering around eight of those are lost to sleep, that leaves only 16 hours to focus on, and work for, what you want to achieve. By learning to manage your time properly you will be able to focus more and become more efficient.

At Slim & Save we are experts at weight-loss. (In fact our clients lose an amazing combined weight of over 600 stones per month). Our experts have put together some ideas to make lifestyle changes; the results of which will save you some time and give you the edge.

Stay focused: When you ‘pop’ to the shops, do you find that two hours later you have spent £50 - when you only popped out to buy a newspaper?

In future, write a list, give yourself a time limit and stick to it. Focus and discipline are positive attributes for everyone.

Out with the old: Are you longing to de-clutter your home? Clinging to your old possessions means that it will take you much longer to find what you need under a sea of clutter. There’s nothing wrong with being sentimental but remember to be an ‘Achiever’ you have to move forwards not backwards. De-clutter and see things more clearly.

Look at yourself

Start to change the way you see yourself by using your own special “creative visualisation” technique.

Find a favourite photograph of yourself (maybe a summer holiday snap, or your wedding or school photo). Get some reprints of the photo and place them around the house, in your wallet, on your desk at work etc. Each time you look at the photo tell yourself one positive thing e.g. “I have some really good friends, I am very proud of my children, I am a very good driver”. This positivity will soon become the norm and pay you dividends on your weight-loss journey with Slim & Save.

Whichever Slim & Save Plan you choose, remember we are now one of the leading diet meal replacement companies in the UK with outstanding customer satisfaction. We believe the reason for our success is our dedicated support team, fantastic tasting range of TFR (Total Food Replacement) shakes, meals, soups and bars, and of course our sensible pricing.

Comments on That’s summer over… Now what?
David Lockyer 26/09/2014 03:54
Well summer is over, and what a summer it was. Thanks to Slim & Save, I managed to lose 5 stone just in time for a great summer holiday and feel truly liberated.My confidence is riding high, I feel good and finally have got my life back on track. Now I have my life back and enjoying every minute of it, I am focusing day at a time on maintenance the S&S way. Changing attitudes in Summer will prepare me for Autumn & Winter and another trip to the sun in December, so another chance to show off my slim line body again. It works if you work it ladies and gents, so work it because you are so worth it !
Marlene Brown 25/09/2014 14:21
Unbelievably, it's still summer here in Brighton - still warm and sunny, even though the mornings and evenings are getting darker and colder. I usually cringe when Christmas fayre starts appearing in the shops in late August but I find I'm looking forward this year, imagining what Christmas will be like after having lost around 6 stones with Slim and Save. I can't really believe I just said that - 6 stones! - but that's the target I'm aiming for, having already lost just under 4 stones since May. If you'd told me last Christmas - when I was fat, miserable and exhausted: a bit of a hermit, to be honest - that I'd be 6 stones lighter by Christmas 2014 I'd have thought you were mad, to be honest. And yet, here I am, having just been on holiday abroad: walking (without a stick!), swimming, having fun AND, wonder of wonders, wearing shorts!
So, I'm ready for anything that life has in store for me now, including Christmas. Losing weight has had an effect on all areas of my life - health, self-esteem, well-being - and this means that I join in family life without hesitation; call friends more often and join in their activities. All it takes is a little planning so that I can continue with my Lifestyle way of eating without feeling deprived or awkward or making people around me uncomfortable as a result.
Slim and Save has changed, and continues to change, and improve, my life. Everyone tells me how well I look; how the years have dropped from me; I've lost that tense look in my eyes which people in constant pain usually have. But they don't have to tell me 'coz I know, even though it's nice to hear.
So summer's not quite over for me yet but there'll be more Jingle Bells than Bah Humbug for me this Christmas. Thanks S&S xx
Annette MacLean 24/09/2014 19:40
Summer time is over
Now what do I do ?
Continue with my diet
Or throw in the shoe ?

Think of all that's to come
Halloween'Xmas and New Year
Do we want to welcome this
With a cheer ?

Continue being good is what it's about
Giving us good reason ,to sing ,dance and shout !

So summers nearly over ,Bring on the next
We will all look good ,next year
So no time for a tear !
Kate Inglis 24/09/2014 08:28
That's summer over...Now what?
For me it makes this diet all the easier, hot packs to get me through the cooler days and chilly nights. Lots of green tea to speed my metabolism (which is going faster anyway when your body is trying to warm up), four cups a day to get a 4% increase is a great number. And with summer done, now starts the countdown to Christmas, knowing I will be lighter/slimmer and able to rock an awesome frock at the festive parties!
carol-ann taggart 23/09/2014 19:09
Summer maybe over but its been the best summer for me. Im gaining my confidence in myself back and know that come next summer ill be In total control of my life. Im looking forward to the 12 week run up to christmas as it gives me an opportunity for another 3 stone weight loss. Im doing this diet for me and i will keep going until im where i want to be and by the start of next summer ill be there x.
Angela Thompson 22/09/2014 10:46
The summers over now what ?
Even though the warmer weather means we are exposing ourselves clothes wise and just generally being out and about more it also means heartbreak if we are weighing more than we wanted too. The autumn/winter can bring comfort but sadly in more ways than one. Extra clothes, darker nights, but perhaps even more so a good excuse to over indulge in stodgy food ! Christmas brings a good excuse to get out the choccies and feel guilt-free. It's Christmas ! ! But being on slim and save can change all that. Once in the "zone" you realise food doesn't have to become a reward. Tell yourself once at target you'll wow them at that Christmas party, give yourself a non foodie treat. A massage,a fragrant candle,a lovely deep bubble bath,an early night with a good book. Now what can become .... now look how far I've come ! Good luck x
edwina clarke 22/09/2014 09:16
that's summer over.. now what. Well Ive done nearly all my Christmas shopping, its time to concentrate on me! Its my time now. Im 47 and this is my chance of making changes for me and only me ! I have been very ill over the last few years with failed surgery too, so now im going to grab the opportunity that ive been given with S&S and make me the person i want to be and deserve to be. Happy :)
amanda hannah 22/09/2014 08:55
That's summer over,now what?.... after 21 weeks i have lost 68lbs and can't believe it,i have been over weight since having my first baby at the age of 18 im now 35 and have 4 children.
i have finally found something that works for me my confidence has soured never really had so much confidence before and never felt good enough but thanks to S&s things have changed for me,gone have the over sized baggy tops and jumpers i hid under i can now wear lovely clothes,my kids now have a happy confident mum,im now a cool mum as they would say im going to 2 rock concerts with my teenage kids this month and will be able to enjoy it without spending most of my time worrying about how i look and what others will think of me,s&s has changed my life my journey continues im getting closer to goal and i love it! my husband now has a happier wife too who doesn't need to hide away all the time or constantly put myself down! life is now exciting anyone who is in two minds about the plan i urge you to go for it! don't look back just forward it's the best thing i have ever done and it will be the best thing you have ever done too,the worst part having nothing that fits and having to buy new clothes! i now plan to get to my goal and maybe a little more to forget the years of misery about weight and focus on a happy healthy future,Thanks s&s.
Lynn Shanks (Lynnie Lynn) 22/09/2014 07:54
I have this laminated hanging on my message to myself
If you want to accomplish anything in life, you can’t just sit back and hope it will happen. You’ve got to make it happen your goal without a plan is just a wish, so break all bad habits because bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into and hard to get out off. You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it but never give up because the only thing that ever sat it’s way to success was a hen, so don’t deprive yourself of a healthy life style but do deprive yourself poor health and extra weight because you are worth it, our health always seems so much more valuable after we have lost it…You get results with commitment and effort, you won’t pass an exam on guess work!
Patricia-Josephine Sampson 21/09/2014 23:55
That's summer over...... now what? I shall tell you what. Now is the time to believe in yourself, to grasp the opportunity to lose weight with sns with both hands. It can be hard to change how we see ourselves but the power of positive thinking is amazing and really works. Looking forward to being a healthy weight is exciting and the good feeling I get from that filters in to other things. The support is amazing and we are all on the same journey. I have never felt more determined.

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