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The Perfect Time of Year to Lose Weight

In a hop and a skip, Spring and Easter are almost here. Step away from the Easter Eggs! You may be feeling the need to leave the cold, dreary Winter months behind you (and this Winter has been pretty harsh!) Spring is a time for newness. It’s the time of year when nature wakes up from her Winter sleep.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and we think it’s the ideal time to start a weight-loss journey.

If you agree that Spring is for ‘out with the old and in with the new’ then a brand new weight-loss journey could help purge, refresh and invigorate your body and mind.

Slim & Save is a new start

We will hazard a guess that most readers will have tried some form of weight-loss plan in the past. For those of you that are new to Slim & Save we want to introduce ourselves to you as we are weight-loss experts.

Not only do we understand the science and mechanics behind Very Low Calorie Diets but we also understand what motivates people just like you to lose weight, and keep it off.

We know that Spring is the perfect time of year to start a weight-loss journey. By Spring you are starting to look forward to Summer. You feel motivated and excited about the new confidence you will have when you lose weight.

In other words, starting this Spring in a positive frame of mind will contribute to making your weight-loss journey even more successful.

Spring cleaning your body and soul

Be honest, do you have any worries on your mind? Worry, stress and anxiety can damage your health. Being five or more stone overweight can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. So if you are overweight and you have a lot of worries then you could be in for a double whammy.

Spring is a great time to address not only your weight issues but also all those nagging worries and fears which have built up during the past year. With the energy that Spring brings you can start a new weight-loss journey and feel strong enough to face your worries head on - or bury them completely and move on.

Sit down, grab a pen and paper and set aside just 30 minutes to create a list of your worries (big and small). Then put the list down and the following day set aside another 30 minutes to categorise the list into a's, b's and c's where:

  • a's = high impact worries/cause for concern
  • b's = medium importance
  • c's = low impact worries

Be brutally honest!

Now look at the a's and decide whether it is in YOUR power to solve any of these issues. If it is, then decide on a plan of action with relevant deadlines. If solving these issues is beyond your control then you should discuss them with a partner, friend or professional.

By the time you get to reviewing the b’s you will be feeling much more in control and will probably be able to re-classify most b’s as c’s.

As for the c's – it really is up to you. Some people take their list of c’s and literally bury it in the garden, or tear it into tiny pieces. In any case, forget them and move on.

Slim & Save can work wonders for your body

Moving on to your body. Once you start losing weight with Slim & Save you will have much more energy. When the clocks change (spring forward) on 29th March, the days will become longer. You’ll have more daylight to get out and about. Start with some invigorating walks in the fresh air and maybe move on to a little jog or run. If you don’t fancy that then use the extra long days to do some gardening or, dare we say it, vigourously Spring Cleaning your house?

The endorphins produced during exercise act as anti-depressants and can produce a natural high feeling – ask any runner and they will tell you how effective that natural high can be.

Once you are in the swing of things with an enjoyable exercise routine then you can start to work on improving your muscle strength, which, combined with your weight-loss on your Slim & Save journey, will lead to a more toned body.

Improving muscle tone will not only improve your posture but will also reduce the risk of you causing damage to your joints whilst you exercise. (That’s why swimming is a good starter for ten – because all your joints are supported by the water).

Amanda Fogarty ‘Changed her life’

I've been at target for 8 months now and for the first time in a long time I don't mind looking in the mirror. My life and body have changed since starting Slim & Save. I'm now a comfortable size 10 (with a size 8 on standby) and although I'm at my goal the support is still important to me, I know it's the difference between maintaining my weight and letting it all pile on again.

Read more about Amanda and other success stories here.

Whatever you are doing this Spring, we are right here to support you; whether you are starting or continuing with your weight-loss journey.

Comments on The Perfect Time of Year to Lose Weight
Jennifer Goodall 28/03/2017 08:47
We are fast approaching Easter 2017 so what better way than to spring clean our bodies.
Vikki Reeve 10/04/2015 11:49
To a certain degree, I agree. Only because right now is the right time for me. And I truly believe that it is. However, I believe that the 'right time' is individual and it's a head thing. We can try to make it logic, i.e. Spring is best because X, Y and Z. But unless it's clicked 'up there' then, for me personally, I've no chance of success. If only I knew where that switch was and it could be operated manually!

I love the tips you offer - particularly about cleaning the body and soul - and I'll aim to apply them whether it's Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter!

Good luck everyone - I sincerely hope Spring is your time xx
Sarah Couchman 10/04/2015 10:57
I like the idea in the article of splitting worries in categories 'a', 'b' and 'c'. To motivate myself to stick with the Slim and Save plan I have been thinking about how the diet will help me to deal with my problems.

Probably my biggest 'a' worry is that I have a lot of university work due in a few weeks and those marks will determine whether or not I get to do a MA afterwards which I need for my chosen career. S&S can help me with this because I don't have to worry about food shopping or cooking meals which gives me more time to work and also I feel more energised once I am in ketosis and not as sluggish as I used to do after pulling all-nighters complete with pizzas and full-fat fizzy drinks, so that benefits my work too.

My main 'b' worry would be that with the changing weather I start to feel more insecure about the way I look and having to cover up when it's warm outside. This is already starting to get better though after losing a stone in a month on S&S and by the time the weather is at its nicest I should be feeling a lot happier with myself.

Like most people I have lots of 'c' type worries but with the extra energy and self-esteem boost I am getting from being on plan I am sure I can tackle these as well.

Hopefully this will be my last spring spent dedicated to weight loss and next year I can get those short dresses out with the first lot of nice weather.
Paige Selling 10/04/2015 10:55
Spring is the best time to lose weight, the weather is getting warmer and we have to shed those bigger, warmer clothes off and expose some of our bodies.
Whilst your body should not be measured by your size, our own expectations of a perfect body and how we feel comfortable starts to waiver, for me, about now.
Can I spend another summer hiding out in the one maxi dress I feel okay ish in? Will I squeeze into last summers shorts and having chaffing thighs again?! Sorry just being honest :-0

Spring is here, light evenings to get yourself out there but not too long to be sitting in a beer garden drinking empty calories.

Now is the time to get your diet under control, shift those pounds and start to feel confident in your own skin.

I want to enjoying running round with my children this summer holidays and feeling happy with my appearance. Get cracking now and come July, feel happier and more confident with heaps more energy.

Spring time diet? I'm in!
Nikki Hatwell 09/04/2015 15:45
Spring to success. Time to enjoy the outside weather, between now and summer you could be lbs lighter, drop dress sizes, fit into those skinny jeans or summer dress, feel fitter playing with the children in the park, or long walks on the beach.. what ever you do, you will be doing it with a newer lease of life.
Margaret Larter 09/04/2015 15:33
its the perfect time for me to do my s and s lifestyle diet! All winter I battle with winter blues/ s.a.d. Syndrome and I just cannot always motivate myself at times. Now the sun is shining, it's as if I'm back in control and good to go with healthy eating again. Lifestyle is the best diet for me, and I'm re starting today. I've just had my 66 th birthday, age is no barrier to this diet. The article is very interesting and a lot of sense. I'm looking at all the spring clothes in beautiful colours and I'm feeling good. Ready to get my body back in shape is so much easier , spring for me is the season of hope! Hope for a healthy body and mind again! 271
Mel J Lee 08/04/2015 11:09
Realistically I ask myself 'if not now then when?'. I could stay on this carousel of eating badly, gaining weight and beating myself up for it or I could start my journey right now. I'm really excited about waving goodbye to old habits. I deserve treats but I have been looking at it all wrong. I have started to realise that rewards don't equal cake. In a vicious circle I end up gaining weight and ultimately end up not liking my appearance. I can reward myself with acceptance of my body and I cant do that right now. I can run and laugh and play with my children with my new found energy. I can reward myself with health. So now after 3 weeks I have lost my first stone and gained some useful tools and started to identify behaviours. I think this is the perfect time to lose weight- there is no time like the present.
Janet Palmer 07/04/2015 11:50
I agree completely! It's the time of year I start sorting my house and clearing out my wardrobe, packing away my comfy jumpers the ones that can hide my body shape and convince me that the problems not that bad!

When it's out with the old and in with the new, I even like giving my home a new lick of paint! Yet year after year I seem to neglect myself in that equation.

Well this year I've been making vital changes to my life. I quit smoking new years eve and am now ready to tackle my next serious problem, my weight.

Sitting here with the sun streaming in through the window and I know I've made the right choice, Spring get ready cos I'm getting slim ;)
Charlotte Jones 07/04/2015 10:24
I find it hard to lose weight whatever time of the year it is - there always seems to be something going on - something to distract me and take me off track. In spring/summer I find there's more social events (BBQ's, meals out, picnics, days out etc.) that involve food, making it so much harder to stick to a diet.

Nevertheless, with Summer so close I feel more motivated than ever and nothing is going to get in my way! Food can wait, it's always going to be there when I'm at my goal and I can treat myself with my favourite, carb-laden foods ocassionally.

I have a holiday booked at the end of September to Gran Canaria (my first holiday abroad!) and I know that I can be at my goal by then, with a few months to spare.

Good luck to everyone starting or continuing their journey :)
Rachel Fisher 06/04/2015 14:21
I always want to comfort eat when it's cold. I want, stews and soups with thick bread and butter. I want hot chocolate and marshmallows. I want to wrap up under the duvet like a sausage dog and not move at all!

When Spring comes, I automatically have more energy no matter what weight I'm at. The garden needs sorting, the sun is shining and I'm very lucky to live 5 minutes walk from the beach. After a week or so of vitamin D my mojo is well and truly back.

This year I'm doing SnS and I know 100% it's going to be the best Spring of my life!

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