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Adrian Rollins - Weight Loss Success Story

'Adrian Rollins is a former professional cricketer of 10 years having played for Derbyshire CCC and Northamptonshire CCC from 1992 to 2002. Naturally, as a sportsman, Adrian was a fit young man. However, since retiring he found that he had gradually gained a mass of weight...Five stones. Adrian stated, "My weight gain was slow and steady. A change of lifestyle and life pressures changed my relationship with food...I saw food as a way of comforting my challenges."

  • Adrian Rollins  - Weight Loss Success Story
  • Adrian Rollins  - Weight Loss Success Story

This changed when one of Adrian's friends told him about Slim & Save. Adrian then looked at the website, talked to staff at Slim & Save and purchased the necessary products to undergo a VLCD. Adrian stated, "I felt ashamed of myself to have allowed myself to get so much overweight...I was once a proud sportsman and I felt very low...low morale and low self-esteem. Slim & Save arrived at the right time in my life".

Adrian began his Slim & Save journey in December 2012 and (unlike many New Year resolutions) stuck to the plans and guidelines of the diet. Adrian freely admits that the first few days were tough but it got better as he progressed through his programme. Adrian stated, "Water is the key for a successful VLCD. I kept my water intake up, took my vitamins and stuck to the packs and bars, which I found to be very filling and nutritious. The great thing is that the meals have carbs in and therefore I did not suffer from any dizzy spells at all, which was fantastic".

  • Adrian Rollins  - Weight Loss Success Story
  • Adrian Rollins  - Weight Loss Success Story

Three months later and Adrian is a new man. He has lost an amazing five stones and is back at the weight he was as a young man playing on the county cricket circuit. Adrian is 41 years old and is now a mathematics teacher in a secondary school in Derby; his colleagues and students are shocked at his weight loss (Adrian's mother is equally surprised). Adrian has now completed his refeed programme and is looking forward to a healthy future supporting his family. As well as being a teacher, Adrian is qualified in fitness and nutrition and fully endorses Slim And Save as an excellent product for weight loss. Adrian says, "Slim & Save are the best and I would recommend their products to anybody. As always, I recommend that you should get the advice of your doctor before embarking on any dietary plan but, once you have done so, then its full steam ahead with S&S. I am more than willing to be a listening ear to anybody who wants to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle and I fully endorse Slim And Save as a stepping stone for a bright future."

Adrian Rollins

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