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Posted on 17 Mar 2015 Views 61666


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Amanda Fogarty - Weight Loss Success Story

For most of my adult life I've been on a diet and battled with food addictions but I've always been a comfortable size 14. As I got older it became a lot more difficult. I turned to comfort food and soon I was an uncomfortable size 16.

I went to Weight Watchers and Slimming World which worked for a while but I found them both complicated and the groups quite clicky, and I felt my motivation slow down very quickly.

I did well on Atkins as far as weight loss but I felt dizzy and sick most of the time. The thought of dieting for months even years was daunting so I searched on line for a quick fix.

  • Amanda Fogarty - Weight Loss Success Story
  • Amanda Fogarty - Weight Loss Success Story

I started Slim & Save about this time last year. I remember mentioning to friends that I was going to do a ketogenic diet they told me that it was dangerous and potentially life threatening but I did loads of research and found out that they were getting confused with diabetic ketoacidosis not dietary ketosis. I was also told that if I lost weight quickly I'd put it all back on again, but like I mentioned before, I'd done several other so called sensible diets and put all that weight back on so I thought "what's the difference".

I found the Slim and Save forum and that made me believe "I can do this". I knew that I wasn't alone because others were on the same journey as me and that when I struggled they were there reminding me of how far I'd come and not to give in and also giving advice and tips. I also feel that the Slim & Save team are in it because they care and because they have the same struggles as us. It also helped that I love the products, they were easy to make, tasty with so many choices.

I've been at target for 8 months now and for the first time in a long time I don't mind looking in the mirror. My life and body have changed since starting Slim & Save. I'm now a comfortable size 10 (with a size 8 on standby) and although I'm at my goal the support is still important to me, I know it's the difference between maintaining my weight and letting it all pile on again.

Amanda Fogarty

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