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Posted on 31 Jan 2019 Views 14361


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Claire Jones Weight Loss Success Story

I have been overweight since I was 18. Now I'm 45, I have done most diets and can honestly say the slow weight loss is just so hard when you have a lot to lose. I always gave up. I binge ate my way through the kitchen either going to bed early to eat and hide food or stay up late and creep around the kitchen. Most things I ate I didn't even like. I could tell you what shops had what particular favourite to eat in secret. The change started when I went to Overeaters Anonymous and realised my trigger foods and why I did this to myself. It's a form of self-harm for me. As usual, though I couldn't take the slow weight loss.

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I embarked on S&S after being told by a heart specialist that although my issue was minor now, he would undoubtedly see me in a few years if I continued the way I was. Some people think that's awful; I think he was doing his job! I am very grateful to him.

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I watched forks over knives and loads of programmes on eating then went for it. I stuck to the plan like glue. I have confidence now, feel happier, love my clothes, and I feel I cope better. I even had a boudoir shoot! I had to come off for surgery, but I made a plan and am sticking to it and maintaining. After three months I aim to lose the last 11lb to get to target.

Claire Jones

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