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Jemma Playfair - Weight Loss Success Story

I had always convinced myself that I was just meant to be a bigger girl. I had always been the 'big' one in my group of friends ever since I was 5 or 6. I remember weighing 12stone when I was 12 years old and I thought this was normal! My family always encouraged me to diet and I was dragged along to every diet club known to man- but it never lasted and I would upset that I was always the fattest person there.

My High School years were miserable as I wasn't the person I wanted to be. I felt like a slim person trapped inside a fat person’s body. At 16 I would have to shop in Evans but would always dream of being in a Topshop dress like my friends. I just wasn't living the life that I so longed to live.

When I was at University I discovered alcohol! I was always pretty self-conscious and would drink a whole bottle of wine before heading out for a night out with my friends. I was paranoid about people whispering about me or pointing or staring. I always put on a front of being the ‘big and bubbly’ girl but I was really insecure and would hate going out socially. Over the 4 years at University my weight kept increasing and I was shocked when I weighed in at 18stone! How did I react to this.....I just ate more to try and comfort myself!! I was out of control but I didn’t know it!

I met my ex (my first proper boyfriend) when I was 21. I was happy that somebody loved me for me- no matter what size I was! We moved into together pretty quick and I was the happiest I had ever been. We ate out a lot and got take aways twice a week. I always ate the same amount as him- thinking nothing of it! I was comfortable in my relationship and really let myself go! We got engaged and I was thrilled but also so unhappy. Would I be a fat bride? I tried dresses on and the smallest size I could fit into was a size 28! This was not how I had imagined getting married to be- I was miserable! I tried slimming pills, stupid “fix in a week” diets and nothing worked! We had our engagement party and I got drunk because I was embarrassed of the size 30 dress I was wearing. The night couldn’t end quick enough for me! I was so ashamed of the person I had become and I couldn’t understand how I had managed to get to 22stone?! Me and my ex separated and I realised I had to lose weight for me- not for a wedding or a holiday or a special occasion- I needed to lose weight so I could finally be the person I had always wanted to be.

  • Jemma Playfair - Weight Loss Success Story
  • Jemma Playfair - Weight Loss Success Story

Well I haven't been on Slim and Save for very long but I feel like it has totally changed my mindset and how I see food.

I have been on other weight loss programmes where "food" was seen as a bad thing. Although this is a meal replacement programme I love how there are two different programmes that you can opt to do. Slim and Save understand that life can often get in the way and instead of condemning you for wanting food they give you a "safe" option- the Lifestyle Plan. I am on Simplicity and have 4 foodpacks a day but I have had two Lifestyle days where I have had some veg and protein. I have been able to get back onto the 4 packs no bother the next day too!

I lost weight on another programme a few years ago but I didn't change my mindset and as soon as I went back to eating "normal food" I went back to my old habits. I feel like the support that you are given on Slim and Save far outweighs that of any other programme I have done before. The Slim and Save staff are very helpful and answer any questions you have pretty quickly. I am on anti-biotics and have had to come off plan for 5 days and feel like I have been supported really well as I really wanted to stay on the packs.

The Facebook group is FANTASTIC! I love getting updates of how everybody is doing and it feels like we are all friends (even though I have never met anybody). If I ever have a wobbly moment I go on and read other peoples posts and look at how other people are eating their foodpacks! It can get quite addictive though! I started at 17st13lbs and currently weigh 16st1lb! I want to get to 10st7lbs so I have a fair bit to go but I know that with the support of all my Slim and Save friends I will get there!

In 5 weeks I have lost 26lbs! This is fantastic and this alone motivates me to continue and finally get to my goal weight. I KNOW that I will get to goal weight and that is an amazing feeling.

Since being on Slim and Save I have managed to do things I would never have dreamt of doing a few months ago!

  1. I joined a Gym! Eeek- this is something that I always wanted to do but I didn't think I would fit in there!
  2. I have bought a dress to wear once I reach goal- because I know I will get there!
  3. My social life has been amazing. For once I want to go and see people. I am not bothered about taking my bar or shake with me! This is not permanent and I need to keep reminding myself of that!
  4. I have talked about how I feel instead of keeping it all locked up! I think this has been crucial in understanding how I go forward!

Jemma Playfair

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