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Posted on 15 Jul 2020 Views 7239


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Lyndsay H Weight Loss Success Story

Hi everyone. Here’s my story:

My first picture was April last year, and I had actually lost a bit of weight for our ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to New York, although it was easier because it was cold, so I could still hide myself under my baggy jumpers, leggings and coat. Although once we got home and I saw the photos properly, I was devastated, I felt awful, fat, old and haggard, and didn’t want anyone looking at them, but this was our holiday, we couldn’t not show them off. I was embarrassed and tried to hide away from future photos.

I tried every diet going, some I did lose weight on, but I would put it all back on plus more. I was tired all the time, didn’t want to motivate myself to go out anywhere unless it was work. I spent most of the days, either in my work uniform or pyjamas. So I plodded on, constantly thinking about ways to lose weight, how could I get the younger me back, the confident me.

In November last year a friend told me about how she had lost weight on a particular meal plan, although me being pescatarian, the meals were limited, it would have been very restrictive, so I searched online; that’s when I found slim & save. I researched all the options/meals etc and discussed it with my husband. At first, he just thought it was another fad diet I was trying and was worried it would make me worse, but I was determined to have a go and bought the weeks starter pack at the end of November 2019.

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I joined the Facebook group and chatted with members and the support team, and I was going to give it my best shot, the support was amazing. My starting weight was 14st, and my goal was 11st (I had been comfortable with this weight when I was younger, so I thought it would be my ideal weight). At the end of week one, I had lost 7lb, I was amazed, I couldn’t believe I had done it, I wasn’t tired at all (well once the headaches had passed lol). I felt like I had already lost two stone; this motivated me to keep going.

Within a month I had lost nearly a stone, I couldn’t believe that for the first time in my life I had to force myself to eat, and didn’t feel I like I was denying myself anything. I experimented with the foods, used the recipes on the page, no one at work even knew I was on an eating plan because as before I looked like I was still constantly eating.

Because I had done so well, I decided with it being Xmas; I would have two weeks off and enjoy myself. I didn’t want to undo the hard work I had done, but I didn’t want to have to think about everything I was going to eat when I was socialising with family, friends and work colleagues. Over this two week period, I put on 5lbs, and within the first week of starting back, I had lost 7lbs again.

Once I had reached 12st and dropped 2 stone, I felt fantastic, confident, back to my former self. People were now noticing the difference. I decided that 11st may be too drastic of a drop, as I was comfortable, I’d already dropped two dress sizes, from a size 16/18 to a 12/14, and had to buy a whole new wardrobe, so I continued on the meal plan but did a 5:2 method, five days on the diet and two days off. The second picture was from the end of February for my husbands 43rd birthday.

I have now lost a total of 30lbs and gained a new lease of life x

Lyndsay H

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