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Michelle S Weight Loss Success Story

At almost 18 stone everything hurt and was such an effort...I felt really old! I couldn't get out of the bath without getting on my hands and knees, regularly wore knee braces, and my back continually ached. Having to ask for a seat belt extention or not being able to drop the tray table on a plane because my belly was in the way was just soul-destroying.

I came back from India 2 weeks before lockdown to total UK chaos, and it was scary! My late husband was only 49 when he passed away, and the reality that I was turning 49 this year was a massive mortality check. From March to September, I played with the same 10lbs on 10lbs off doing another vlcd before working on my mindset. It was time to take responsibility for myself and no more excuses!

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Sadly my friends' husband passed to covid, and she gifted me a six week supply of his Slim & Save as she knew I did vlcds. This was definitely the pinnacle moment in my weight loss journey. I joined the fb group, and the support and ideas from the admins and the group members were simply amazing. It gives you a community of like-minded people to engage with who support you on your bad days and celebrate with you on your wins. It's accountability and structure made the plan much easier to do than anything I'd done previously.

After seeing another member's post, I mimicked a "normal" day of eating...porridge/pancakes for breakfast, soup/wrap/shake/mousse for lunch, I'd mirror what I was feeding my daughter for dinner, chilli, chicken noodles/rice (slim noodles/rice) etc. and on a weekend pizza and curry! For dessert, jelly and rhubarb with choc sauce and then for an evening tv treat, a bar or a Slim & Save snack. It never felt like a diet, and alot of the meal ideas I still use regularly - big tip! It's quite something what you can cram into your food planner!

At 100lbs lighter, I feel simply amazing - I feel 20 years younger and im free from all aches and pains. Never as a grown up have I fitted into size 12 clothes!

I now exercise because I enjoy it, and I have a designated home mini gym corner which has always been an alien concept to me. My friends and family describe me as slender, thin, petite and ive most definitely never been called those names before!

Maintaining is tricky work. I will not lie, especially as ive been an emotional eater for all my life and in particular since my husband passed away. However! knowing ingrained habits are hard to break and being aware of what you are doing and why has definitely been the most helpful thing for me over the last few months to adopt better habits.

I also completely gave up alcohol (drinker since I was 14) for 7 months, and im amazed to say I didn't miss it - I just like the taste! Slim & Save for a few days now and again helps put me back where I want to be, and the rest of the time, I eat reasonably sensible without any guilt or shame. It's liberating to finally be a thin and healthy person!

I'll say to anyone who is commited to change you need a laser focus on your goal and then simply trust in the plan - lifestyle or simplicity depending on what you prefer that day! Be part of the group for accountability and support, use your meal planner, and don't be afraid to ask an admin about anything. They are great thanks for the new me Slim & Save.

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