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Vikki Ryan - Weight Loss Success Story

In December 2011 I weighed 18 stone 2, a stone heavier than when I embarked on another popular VLCD in 2006. I really didn't think I could afford to follow that sort of plan again but I also knew I really had to do something about my weight. My body hurt, I was constantly tired and I hated hiding under big baggy clothes. I'd been out of work for a year after being made redundant and being at home with nothing to do led me to eat... and eat... and eat some more but I needed to take control. In January 2012 I started the Dukan plan and managed to drop 2 stone by May. I was back in a size 16 (sometimes) and felt good but I got bored with the plan and the fact the weight loss had tailed off meant I stopped being careful about what I ate. I also managed to land a new job in June 2012 and being in a sociable office with cakes and biscuits almost constantly available meant a stone crept back on by Christmas.

In October 2012 a friend told me about Slim and Save, she was doing well on it and raving about how great it all tasted so I decided to take a look. I was mostly impressed with the fact that I could have an actual 'meal' as well as soups and shakes, that I could have a bit of veg every day and most important of all that I could have a milk allowance so I could still have a few cups of tea!! I ordered my packs in December but decided not to start until after the Christmas holidays, I really wanted to get going but knew I would fall off plan easily starting then.

  • Vikki Ryan - Weight Loss Success Story
  • Vikki Ryan - Weight Loss Success Story

On December 31st 2012 I had my first pack... sticking with Simplicity for the next 19 weeks I never once fell off the wagon entirely. Sure I had little cheats now and then but kept to proteins like a slice of ham, a piece of chicken or a Babybel cheese if I really felt the need to eat something. On social occasions I used the Lifestyle option to join in with meals and I think that sort of flexibility really added to the success of the plan in working for me. In week 20 I switched to Lifestyle completely as I was starting to feel anxious about eating 'properly' again and thought having a meal every day would help me get past that. I have to say it worked out really well for me and made the transition on to refeed much easier.

I lost 10lb in my first week and there after averaged 3lb a week leading to a total weight loss of 5 stone 5 pounds in 26 weeks. I set myself a target of 6 months to lose the weight and achieved it with 2 days to spare on June 28th 2013. I'm now three weeks on from achieving my goal and have only fluctuated by a pound because I monitor all I eat and keep my calories and portions under strict control. I would actually like to lost another 7-14lb now though... but will work away at that slowly using a fasting plan rather than VLCD.

I have loved every second of my S&S journey, I've found it easy to follow, really tasty and the customer service and staff support has been outstanding. I used the forum and the Facebook page as my support network and have made some lovely friends as a result of that. I'm sad to think that if I've done this right and I keep the weight off that I'll never 'need' S&S again but I am eternally grateful to have found them to help me on this journey back to the slimmer, more real version of me.

Vikki Ryan

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